France, once a bastion of culture and civilization, has fallen.

Our country’s first ally, the country from which sprang some of the greatest defenders of the faith — the likes of Clovis, Charlemagne and Joan of Arc — has adopted the backward, corrupt notion of homosexual “marriage.”

Despite some of the largest protests ever seen in the country, France’s Socialist government rammed homosexual “marriage” through the legislature and signed it into law, making France only the 14th country in the world to do so.

Just as it is in America, the gay rights agenda in France is subordinate to the Socialist movement, which seeks to overturn everything based in biblical tradition and to destroy the family unit until government, and government alone, will have say over the raising of children.

Two homosexual men, Vincent Autin and Bruno Boileau, both government workers, are the first to publicly go through the sham, complete with government-provided Socialist minister, hundreds of members of the homosexual rights movement and more journalists than you can shake a stick at.

It’s doubtful that the ceremony by itself will cause France to collapse, but by forcing the public to endorse the immorality of the homosexual movement, it will bring Western civilization one step closer to its ultimate end.

The significance of adopting homosexual “marriage” isn’t that it is a catalyst of the fall of a civilization so much as that it’s a sign of the active decline of a country’s morals, which precedes a fall.

France no doubt will find out what other countries that have adopted homosexual “marriage” have discovered, that there is little interest among homosexuals themselves in getting “married,” but the new law will change the perceptions about marriage among the young.

Real marriages will decrease because they will no longer be seen as meaningful. Unwed pregnancies will skyrocket.

The number of “born that way” homosexuals will mysteriously start to increase as recruitment into the perverted lifestyle becomes the norm in schools. Child abuse will also mysteriously soar, both because of the increase in homosexual access to kids and because of the number of single-parent families. Advocates of other perversions will press for formal acceptance, as Germany saw with bestiality.

Homosexual rights advocates have numerous rationalizations why their lifestyle should be indulged and opponents should be scorned, most of them having to do with insulting opponents as being “bigots” and “homophobes.”

Homosexual activists are not content with being able to live their lives in their own homes. They will not rest until they can be loud and out in public, allowed to indoctrinate your children, legally able to force you to endorse their immorality and legally able to punish any person or institution that stands up to them.

The bottom line truth is that the homosexual rights movement is nothing but a tool for those who wish to bring low Western civilization and concepts such as individual liberty, freedom of speech and religion.