There was a time when all school children knew the inspiring story of the Mayflower and how it brought the Pilgrims to America’s shores seeking freedom of religion. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since those historic days, and Americans have seen a lot of change. In fact, a nation founded by people seeking freedom of religion has devolved into a nation seeking freedom from religion. I wonder what the Pilgrims would think if they could see what America has become since those early days when they suffered through that bitter first winter on the shores of the American wilderness. The pilgrims were willing to die in order to have freedom of religion, and many did. How could a nation founded by such hardy, committed Christians devolve into one in which official government policy seeks the suppression of Christianity?

Guaranteeing all Americans freedom from religion is a fundamental goal of liberal elites and a plank in the platform of their political party—the Democrats. In fact, few things scare a liberal more than the sight of a Christian on his knees praying to God. Liberals tend to be secular humanists and moral relativists. Secular humanists believe that man is God, a belief system that is fragile at best and quickly falls apart upon even a cursory examination. For this reason, secular humanists can brook no competition from other religions, particularly the religion of Christianity. Liberals simply cannot tolerate a religion with a commandment that says: “You shall have no other Gods before me.” Hence, they have taken it upon themselves to rid America of what they see as the curse of Christianity, a religion that calls into question their narcissistic, secular-humanist self-worship. The reason they do not yet put as much effort into attacking the Muslim religion is that they do not yet feel threatened by it (a mistake on their part).

Liberals are using their political and socio-cultural hegemony to lock Christians and their religion up in an ever-smaller closet. They particularly want to remove Christianity from the public square. Here are just a few examples of what liberals have done to suppress Christianity in America:

  • Rollins College in Florida ordered a group of students to stop conducting a Bible study in their dorm room, claiming it violated the college’s rules. The Bible study was not even being conducted in a public setting. It was conducted in the privacy of a dorm room. A dorm room paid for by students. If conducting a Bible study in the privacy of a college dorm room violates college policy, the college is enforcing an unconstitutional policy.
  • The Wounded Warrior Project—probably the best known veteran’s support organization—refused to accept donations from Liberty Baptist Church because the funds were being raised by an organization that was “religious in nature.” Liberty Baptist is a church full of American patriots who support our veterans, particularly those who have come home wounded in body or spirit, but its money was tainted in the eyes of Wounded Warrior officials because it came from a church. I wonder how many of the veterans who receive assistance from the Wounded Warrior Project are themselves Christians, and how many of the good people who give of their time and expertise to help wounded warriors are also Christians. I was a committed supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project until I learned about its anti-Christian bias. I have since found other veterans’ organizations to support. Wounded Warrior officials faced so much criticism for their anti-Christian bias concerning the money raised by a church that they had to back down, but backing down from what you really believe because of social and economic pressure is not the same thing as recanting that belief. I now send the money I would have sent to the Wounded Warrior Project (not enough to matter to them but enough to matter to me) to other veteran’s charities.
  • A police chaplain in Charlotte, North Carolina was ordered to stop praying in the name of Jesus. Police officials did not offer an alternative deity to whom the chaplain could direct his prayers. Since all prayer is directed to some higher being, it is not clear what the police officials wanted the chaplain to do or why they even had a chaplain in the first place.  I wonder who they expected a Christian chaplain to pray to. Further, before ejecting Christ from their gatherings police department officials might have asked those being prayed for their views in the matter.
  • New York City officials banned a church from renting a community room in a public-housing project for worship services. The project is named after Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. This type of rental arrangement has been affirmed as constitutional many times. The church I attend started out renting a room in a local public school. But apparently New York City officials have never read the Constitution. Worse yet, what do New York City officials even care about the Constitution?
  • A man in Phoenix, Arizona was sentenced to sixty days in jail and fined more than $12,000 for holding a Bible study in the privacy of his own home. How is that for the privacy rights of individuals?
  • In Colorado, the director of the city cemetery refused to allow the family of a pastor’s wife to engrave the name of Jesus on her tombstone for fear that it might offend someone. Apparently the cemetery director was not concerned that his actions would offend the family of the deceased. Liberals have succeeded in carrying out their nefarious anti-Christian agenda primarily because of the cowardice of easily intimidated job-protectors like this cemetery director.
  • A cross-shaped flower bed in a public park was ordered mowed down by the city’s mayor who was afraid it might offend non-Christians. Of course, he did not care that mowing it down would offend Christians. In the America of today, Christians are fair game for discrimination and abuse by cowards like this mayor.
  • A family diner in Columbia, Pennsylvania was investigated by the Pennsylvania Human Rights Commission for offering a ten percent discount to customers who present a church bulletin on Sundays. Forget that the owners of private diner have the legal right to offer discounts on the basis of any factor they choose. If they want to give a discount to bald men, that is their right and none of the government’s business.

You won’t hear about these types of stories on the nightly news or read about them in your morning newspaper. Government officials are able to get away with these types of anti-Christian outrages in part because the broader public is not aware of them. The mainstream media in America has become nothing more than the propaganda arm of liberal elites. They aid and abet government officials in suppressing Christianity by suppressing any reports of their illegal and unethical actions. But readers at this site should never doubt that anti-Christian discrimination occurs every day in America and is on the rise. This country—one nation under God—is rapidly becoming a nation without God.