Well, today this is the deadline subject to change.
Check it out:

It’s officially March which means individuals without health insurance have until the 31st to sign up for Obamacare or face a fine. March 31 is when open enrollment for 2014 ends according to healthcare.gov. Individuals who don’t sign up for Obamacare or some form of health plan by the end of the month are subject to a fine while employers and big companies have been given a delay by the Obama administration.

If someone who can afford health insurance doesn’t have coverage in 2014, they may have to pay a [fine]. They also have to pay for all of their health care.

The fine is sometimes called the “penalty,” “individual responsibility payment,” or “individual mandate.”

The penalty in 2014 is calculated one of 2 ways. You’ll pay whichever of these amounts is higher:

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