Lotion, lipsticks, stilettos, nail polish, seasonal styles. These are the topics in which I consider myself an amateur expert. I realize that amateur and expert don’t usually go together, but I think it applies. Pnina Tornai is an official expert on all things flowy and sparkly. I don’t presume to claim status with the Cinderella of wedding dress designers, but neither do I agree that I am simply an amateur. My painted toes have spent too many seasons in six inch heals for me to accept that. I have strong opinions about plaid. I am passionately against Polos. But until recently, I couldn’t tell you who was running for President. It was more important to me that I had an 80’s inspired wardrobe than who was running for President in 2013.


What is wrong with me? Why do I care about the ingredients in my lip-gloss and not the inner circle that lead my country? When I posed this question to myself, I was forced to answer it in the form of a lotion. Typical, I know. The answer was twisted peppermint. Twisted peppermint is a deliciously festive lotion scent created by Bath and Body Works. Twisted peppermint describes the reason that up until now, I have spurned politics. The things that politicians say smell nice, but behind all of the smooth talk there usually lies a twisted purpose. I feel like our government is run by ladder climbers and power addicted money sniffers. People that read a lot like sniffing books. People that love money like sniffing Benjamins. I haven’t had an interest in politics because I don’t trust anything I hear.  These “leaders” sound smooth but they leave you feeling dry and covered in tiny red bumps. Ok. That might be taking the lotion metaphor too far. But honestly, I don’t want to be lackadaisical. I want to care as much about the meaning behind my nations flag as I do about princess cut ball gowns. I care that my country is economically depressed, and it hurts to realize that our country is losing some of its credibility with other nations. We were founded on principles that most people make jokes out of. So why can I not tell you who is running for Congress or the Senate? I don’t want to pledge my loyalty to a man. I want to pledge to the United States of America. Do any of our politicians really want a united America or do they want their name written down in an eighth grade text book? No. There must be some men who still care. There must be, and I intend to vote for them.


I hope I’m not the only pre-midlife crisis American who hasn’t cared who is running for office. I’ve decided to put down the moisturizer and become educated. A country full of  wedge-wearing apathetic voters will certainly make a sorry future for our nation. I’m as sure about that as I am that you don’t wear leg warmers with skinny jeans. Sorry. Habit.