The father of Bowe Bergdahl, a U.S. soldier held prisoner by the Taliban since 2009, is so frustrated that more than a year of covert diplomacy has been unable to free his son that he is learning the Pashto language so he can contact militants directly.

Speaking out about his son’s case after a long silence, UPS worker Bob Bergdahl urged President Barack Obama’s administration to push harder for his release.

The soldier’s father added that he intends to take matters into his own hands, studying Pashto — the language spoken in southern Afghanistan — reaching out to regional experts and contacting the media-savvy Taliban through its website.

“I feel that I have to do my job as his father,” he said. “I’m working toward a diplomatic and humanitarian solution.”

Bob Berghdal said he and his wife Jani are disappointed their son, now 26, remains in danger after almost three years of captivity.

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