With just four weeks to go until the Republican primary season begins, Newt Gingrich spent his Monday not on the hustings of Iowa, New Hampshire or South Carolina, but in Midtown Manhattan, prospecting for what his newly resurgent campaign needs most desperately: money.

Bolstered by strong debate performances and top billing in some recent Republican polls, Mr. Gingrich cruised into the Union League Club for a fund-raiser and news conference, followed by private meetings with potential high-dollar donors around Manhattan. Shortly before dinnertime, he made his campaign debut before the “Monday Meeting,” a weekly gathering at the Grand Hyatt that draws a mix of conservative financiers and intellectuals who are known for their fund-raising clout.

The unusual excursion underscored the enormous challenge Mr. Gingrich faces as he seeks to take advantage of a late surge in popularity: At a time when most of the Republican candidates are hustling for votes, Mr. Gingrich must, in matter of weeks, build a fund-raising infrastructure that can finance last-minute campaign trips, advertising and get-out-the-vote efforts in the early states and give him staying power to compete beyond them.

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