And under ObamaCare, virtually everything that happens in America is now tied to “public health.”
Check it out:

There are many ways in which the Obama Administration benefits from a sycophantic media. One of the biggest is the way media memory banks are flushed and rebooted every couple of months, preventing Americans (especially the fabled Low Information Voters, who pay only cursory attention to the news) from developing any sense of historical memory about what this Administration has done. With a few exceptions so huge that they just wouldn’t fit in the Memory Hole – most notably Obama’s “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan” lie – everything happens in a vacuum where Obama and his agenda are concerned. Every day is Day One of the Obama presidency.

This was especially evident when the media allowed Obama to take his absurd “victory lap” on April Fool’s Day, touting the alleged success of ObamaCare in reaching its 7 million enrollment target. For one thing, the original enrollment target was double that amount; 7 million was the result of some hasty goalpost-moving after the Affordable Care Act was passed. Also, the media didn’t ask (or invite its audience to ask) the most cursory questions about the number touted by Team Obama, such as how many of those “enrollments” were actually paid and valid insurance policies.

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