There is an old adage that cautions us to not throw good money
after bad.  This thought keeps running through my mind almost
every day, it seems.  How many times and in how many cases has it
influenced anyone’s life to stop fixing old things that cost more
money and effort than buying something new and throwing away the
unfixable junk?  Yes, I know, I still keep fixing…if I need
something to do.  But things like an old garden hose with patches
and clamps throughout its length just doesn’t make good sense.
Reminds me of an instance when I was a young boy and a man came
to my Dad with a dead car battery.  He asked: “How could it be
dead?”  My Dad just tersely replied, “When it’s dead, it’s dead.”

In my software writing days, there were times when I had to
decide to junk old routines and write completely new ones, with
updates, rather than to keep patching old ones. The new ones were
clean and most often much more efficient.  And, yes, sometimes
the whole programs were tossed and replaced in the quest for
simplicity and smoother flow.  Decisions such as these I’m sure
visit almost everyone throughout their lives.  Many times they
are quite painful and we put them off, but they rarely get any
less complex, and sometimes they become unbearable.  Couples
having marital difficulties think they can get by without dealing
with the obstacles that impede their marriage.  They tweak a
little here and there, but the problems are never solved and only
get worse until the underlying causes are acknowledged and put to
rest.  Then, and only then, can they become one again and enjoy
each other’s differences.

Which brings us to today.  Obamacare.  A nightmare from its
inception and proceeding downhill at breakneck speed.  And only
the tips of the icebergs are even being addressed these days.
The thousands of pages of unread and indecipherable verbiage yet
to be decoded will be the bane of this country for decades to
come…unless the whole law is repealed, burnt and buried,
and not be rebuilt on the existing faulty foundation.

It would be a patent failure if we attempt to “put new wine
in the old wineskins.”  Decide what is so desperately needed
(not everything that’s possible under the sun), and within
fiscal constraints and then take the lessons learned, work
together in truly nonpartisan fashion, (if that’s possible)
to find a viable solution, without trampling on anyone’s con-
stitutional rights and without usurping their own ability to
fail…on their own.  Most people, with heads on straight,
already have their own insurance – not everyone waits for the
government to dictate their lives.  So, leave the people alone.

Liberals and conservatives alike, will have to learn that they
are not going to get everything they want: learn to think of it
as “what the people really need,” for a change.  And, if I may
make one simple suggestion: do it for the country, not with your
re-election in mind…and not for who gets the credit.

Usurping the peoples’ freedom to act on their own accord will
never float in our form of government and we already have much
more government than we need.  I’m reminded of an admonition
during WWII, “Is this trip necessary?”  Maybe what this country
really needs most is to try to teach people how to plan their own
future rather than attempt to govern their whole lives.  It might
be good to keep the kids in high school long enough to teach them
this course.  Let’s keep our people free, and knowledgeable, not
slaves to government.

All the putrid unsavory odor emanating from Obamacare on a daily
basis cannot be fixed.  It must be repealed.  Spending $trillions
more on all the vast programs, bureaus and enforcement regimes
hidden in this law will be unforgivable and a grievous burden for
generations to come.  There are so many troubling issues with
this bill that it doesn’t need anything new, like the very
serious security flaws that already are being exploited by semi-
knowledgeable software “experts.”  Your privacy and even your
bank accounts may be at risk.  Oh, a parting shot: perhaps all
the Democrats that concocted this debacle behind closed doors –
while refusing to negotiate anything – could get re-elected if
they, alone, repealed the law.  Hey, it was a 100% Democrat
stench!  Well, this is where character emerges…or doesn’t.

Again, it MUST be repealed.