This is just too rich! Trump is absolutely brilliant. He’s even got CNN saying that no one can touch him and he wins at everything. Gawker released one of the Trumpster’s cell phone numbers in retaliation for Trump outing Lindsey Graham’s phone number. Trump stated he had at least five other phone numbers that he changes all the time and some are more private than others. But instead of going all whackadoodle like the Dancing Queen did, he left a campaign message on that number which more than 10,000 voters have heard now. He also poked the media badger and tweeted to Gawker a thank you for the publicity. He then received thousands more Twitter followers and so the legend continues. I love this! It’s just epic. Trump is getting the last laugh… in fact, he may laugh all the way to the White House.

From the Daily Mail:

Donald Trump has a barbed sense of humor, and he unleashed it Tuesday on Gawker after the liberal gossip website published his cell phone number.

Trump made news last month amid a feud with Sen. Lindsey Graham by reading his private cell phone number out loud during a speech in Graham’s native South Carolina.

On Monday Gawker turned the tables, publishing Trump’s own number. But The Donald has ricocheted the slap back in the website’s direction by abandoning the number and replacing the voicemail greeting with a presidential campaign ad.

‘Hi. This is Donald Trump and I’m running for the presidency of the United States of America,’ callers to 917-756-8000 now hear.

‘With your help and support, together we can make America truly great again. Visit me on Twitter at @realDonaldTrump, and visit my campaign website at Hope to see you on the campaign trail. We’re going to do it.’ obtained the same phone number on July 22 and called it. When Trump answered, he was asked if he was worried someone might publish it.

He said then that the number Gawker ‘outed’ on Monday was ‘an old one that I really don’t use much anymore.’

‘I have six private cell phones,’ he said then. ‘It doesn’t matter to me one bit. … ‘Some are super-private, you know. This isn’t one of those. There are people who have it.’

‘I change them all the time,’ Trump insisted. ‘I can always just get rid of this one.’

Instead of junking the number, though, he’s turned the situation to his advantage – even tweeting a middle-finger of sorts in Gawker’s direction.

‘Thank you @gawker!’ he wrote on Twitter. ‘Call me on my cellphone 917.756.8000 and listen to my campaign message.’

Trump’s original trolling of Graham was also met with a Senate-sized guffaw: Graham made a publicity-stunt video for the conservative Independent Journal Review website in which he destroyed a series of flip-phones to show he was moving on.

In a statement, the Trump Organization’s executive vice president, Michael Cohen, recalled that ‘when Lindsey Graham’s cell number was released to the public, his response was to set the cell phone on fire and destroy it with a bat, an ax and a cinder block … which is actually not good for the environment.’

But ‘Donald Trump turns the number into a campaign announcement,’ Cohen continued, ‘that has received within the first few hours tens of thousands of calls. Now do you see the difference between Donald Trump and the rest of the field?’

Graham, whose poll numbers are stuck below 1 per cent – Trump’s are north of 25 – has since said he would support Trump if he were the GOP presidential nominee.

Yeah, absolutely, Why not? I’m a Republican, Graham told radio host Laura Ingraham on Thursday, her website LifeZette reported

‘I like my party. [I’ll] be finding a way to talk about Trump as positive as I know how.’

This is indeed the difference between The Donald and the rest of the field. He’s a master businessman and just puts someone like Lindsey Graham and Gawker to shame. Don’t bring a moron to a battle of wits… it never ends well for the moron. Suddenly Graham says he will support Donald Trump if he is the nominee. That’s a sign that the entrenched RINOs definitely fear he will get the nomination. And now Graham is sidling up to Trump hoping for favor. Wouldn’t count on that Lindsey. Donald doesn’t suffer fools well at all. If Donald Trump’s numbers keep going the way they are, look for all of the others to start courting him. It’s pathetic, but that’s the game of politics. Trump doesn’t play that game and is already putting together a killer team I would wager. I can’t wait for the debates. The fact that Trump said the pre-debate wasn’t worth his time made him even more popular. Heh.

TROLLING IS HUUUGE: Donald Trump threw egg on Gawker's face Tuesday with his latest move in the presidential campaign's cell-phone chess game.

TROLLING IS HUUUGE: Donald Trump threw egg on Gawker’s face Tuesday with his latest move in the presidential campaign’s cell-phone chess game.

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