The unhappy lefty press has decided to pick on the women of Fox News because…well I don’t know, maybe it’s just time to bully someone. All that hate has to find an outlet somewhere. Cute blonde girls, who dress well, have a nice time at social gatherings, move through their days easily and with grace have always been victims of the unhappy. Remember Junior High? Hell, anything nice and beautiful is hated by a certain segment of our population; Megyn Kelly stands with museums and classrooms containing white kids in the corner of shame created by the unhappy, perpetually thirteen left.

The always unhappy left. I began to think about this while visiting a friend. His wife was watching Maddow when I dropped by to play a few surf tunes with an old pal. Rachel must be very smart, a Rhodes Scholar who earned a Doctorate of Philosophy in Politics from Oxford. Whoa, this girl is over the top if you are into the soft sciences.

She just looks so unhappy.

Being a woman didn’t make her happy, so she dresses and behaves like a man. Could be genetics; I’m willing to concede that a percentage of people are by nature distorted from the norm. I wouldn’t be happy if I were one of them. I think she makes 2 million a year. I wouldn’t be unhappy if I made that. Are people who make 2 million a year oppressed in America? As Obama likes to sneer, I’m just saying.

She might make a good looking girl. I bring this up to raise awareness and start people thinking. That sort of excuse works any time the unhappy left uses it. I don’t know if she is a good looking girl because…well, who knows why. I assume she likes who she is, what she made of herself.

She just looks so unhappy.

Unhappy is the plight of the left. Because gay is the new black, Rachel Maddow is allowed permanent unhappy status. We can dismiss the black problem easily; stop voting mindlessly for the party that tore your families apart, shoved you into ghettos, fought against your emancipation, and sponsored the KKK. Stop being your own worst enemy and things will work out. That is easy said and miserably hard to accomplish.

But what can make a gay person happy?

If a baker refuses to make a cake for a gay couple a lawsuit is sure to follow. In this instance the gay doesn’t care what you think; only what you do. “Public accommodation” is the cry. Okay.

In Canada a gay couple bought an engagement ring from a jeweler. They recommended the jeweler to their gay friends. On Mother’s day the jeweler posted a sign in support of hetero-sexual marriage. The gay couple wants their money back because the gay doesn’t care what you do; only what you think.

So which way is it?

Many years ago my brother frustrated our whole family by insisting he wanted green shoes. The store had no green shoes. Boy was he mad. Nothing would do but green shoes. Loudly he demanded green shoes. At length he demanded green shoes. He was so unhappy.

He was 4 years old.

If they had made green Buster Browns back then my parents would have gladly purchased them to please him.

At least he knew what he wanted.

But what, exactly, do gays want?

Many times you have read about someone who had the courage to come out as gay. No one is ever lauded for coming out as straight. This is a clear micro-aggression based upon gay privilege.

So, gay folks, you decide. Take a year or ten and get back to us. Tell us how we can make your life bearable, sustainable, acceptable, and happy.

We got ISIS breathing down our neck, a soft economy, high unemployment, budget deficits, politicians who ignore our will and do not act in our best interest, and a whole slew of issues that place somewhat ahead of what gender you identify with and who you choose to shtup. To the MSM and so many people you are already heroes based upon who you sleep with. Seems like a low standard for heroism, but okay, my brother still doesn’t have green shoes. You can’t have everything.

Figure out what you want and get back to us. Maybe when you reach the maturity level my four year old brother attained you will know, clearly, what you want.