Mike Judge (creator of Office Space, Bevis and Butthead and King of the Hill) directed and created the 2006 film Idiocracy, starring Luke Wilson, Maya Rudolph and Dax Shepard.  Judge, who seems to have no political affiliation, whatsoever, imagined this prophetic masterpiece while watching two women yelling at each other while line at Disneyland.

Idiocracy is a comedy, yet it is very political – or at least invokes political thought from the viewer. One might say it is a politically conservative movie, which probably the main reason why it was only released in twelve theatres in eight cities; Hollywood does not like anything remotely conservative. Judge takes us five hundred years into the future where the United States, a dystopia, is full of morons. This happens because the working people (Judge uses an affluent-yuppie couple as an example) decide they will wait to have children when they are in a better financial position (and then never do), while the welfare underclass of morons breed like rabbits. The imbecilic character, “Clevon, “ is one such moron who impregnates a bevy of hillbilly women and thus, morons eventually populate the earth. Obviously, Idiocracy is not “politically correct.” Whether it was meant to be or not, this film is a huge knock against the growing welfare Leviathan as well as government intrusion and invasion of privacy.

The world of Idiocracy is one where everything is not only commercialized, but sexualized. Society is morally bankrupt and focuses on base hedonistic pleasures. Knowledge and learning are frowned upon. Everyone must have an identification-bar-code tattoo to function in society and be “scan-able.” Language becomes more-or-less an unrecognizable slang, littered with curse words. The most popular television show is “Ow! My Balls!” and the award-winning motion picture is entitled “Ass.” Courtrooms resemble something from a Jerry Springer show and one can obtain a law degree from Costco, which is miles long with a train for shoppers. News anchors are practically naked and a giant corporation, Brawndo (an energy drink: “It’s got electrolytes!”), controls much of the government and media. Even more, one of the final scenes of the movie demonstrates how history has been rewritten through ignorance and stupidity when Luke Wilson’s character, Corporal Joe Bauers (a.k.a. “Not Sure”), rides on an amusement-park-time-machine ride and finds the narration of the ride historically revised.

The movie is bizarre and full of satire. It is also hilarious, and at the same time, depressing. Idiocracy is a prophetic warning of societal devolution and decay. One cannot help but watch, laugh and then proclaim, “Oh my God, this is what we are becoming!” It is no wonder Fox decided to put a minimal, contractual effort into its release. It pokes fun at a progressive, egalitarian ideology of stupidity, where government controls everything and everyone. Therefore, the progressives of Hollywood could not let this movie succeed.

Nevertheless, the movie has become a cult hit. Although it had little to no chance of succeeding in theatres, with no advertising and a handful of releases, Idiocracy’s DVD sales have exploded. Even more, this new word and idea of “idiocracy” is now being used in modern political thought and writing.

So, get your popcorn, your drinks, and view one of the best comedies and strangely political movies you will ever see. If you have already seen Idiocracy, there are many things you might miss and not catch the first time you watched it. If anything, it will make you laugh and think.