Billionaire investor George Soros will be supplying $2 million to independent Democratic groups focused on grass-roots election efforts as part of a greater donorinitiative to enhance outreach and voter registration operations. Soros will divide his donation equally between America Votes, a group that provides coordination and campaignsupport to progressive organizations; and American Bridge 21st Century, a super-PAC that focuses on communications and election-oriented research. Soros’s contribution will be part of a nearly $100 million boost from other major liberal donors to like-minded causes and efforts. According to a New York Times report, Soros and others are pledging funds to grass-roots-type groups in part because they don’t believe they can match the massive Republican super-PAC-funded negative television ad bombs, but also as a symbolic rejection of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, which gave birth to super-PACs that may spend on campaigns without limits.

Beneficiaries of the $100 million infusion from the major liberal donors include organizations like the Latino Engagement Fund (part of the Democracy Alliance), a group that works to register and turn out Latino voters for Democrats.

The Soros donation came on the same day that the Obama campaign announced a $25 million ad blitz in swing-state this month, what the Timeswrites is an indication that the re-election campaign doesn’t expect the major donors to support advertising efforts at this time. But the Obama campaign isn’t (yet) fighting negative ads with negative ads either, at least not according to senior adviser David Axelrod who pointed to the campaign’s positive bend:

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