I tell my son-in-law we really only have a 1 1/2 party political system in this country. There’s the Repugmocrats, Republican and Democrat flesh-peddlers who sold the country’s soul to the highest donor a long time ago, and the Tea Party Republicans who clarion the same message the original founders bequeathed to this country. Of course half of this country are no better than the Repugmocrats . They sell their vote for a work free existence or a residence in the projects. They’re not useful idiots, they’re what our founding fathers would call eternally foolish, selling their freedom for a complacent, ignorant, meaningless existence.

I didn’t just one day decide the Tea Party was good for this country without the due diligence.   I took to investigating the Tea Party and attended events a few summers ago. Over half of the presenters were people of color and all they talked about was balancing the budget and adhering to the freedoms bestowed upon us by our fore fathers via the constitution. No wonder they’ve been labeled racist and “urban terrorists” by the Washington working “girls” and I don’t know if I mean the government or the media by that term. Their functions have gotten so blurred when I want to see more clearly I go to Fox News where they at least report the news without as much toilet bowl filler as the other networks.

Anyway, as I now look at Memorial Day 2014 I think of our son-in-law, back from flying Black Hawks, medevac choppers in Afghanistan and I am profoundly saddened. All those vets from the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World Wars and the Middle East Wars and their sacrifices for a country that values freedom less than they value their next “selfie”. Freedom should be valued as much as we value our very lives. What kind of life would you have without freedom?   For the first time in our county’s existence freedom may be slipping beyond our ability to retrieve it.

Here are some truths a free people and her government must grasp: The Universe had a beginning,   God created energy that became mass, (E equals MC squared, note the first thing created was light) and no country can be free without God.   Look at history and look in the mirror. What have you done to ensure your freedom lately? If you want to be free get rid of the Repugmocrats and install Godly men and women who will fight for your freedoms as hard as you do but don’t ever expect someone else to fight for your freedom harder than you will, unless that someone is a soldier. Get it? Freedom requires your participation or it is no more.