The president of the United States has openly attempted to violate the First Amendment rights of churches across the land, but that’s not the issue.

No, the burning issue that rattles the nation is Rush Limbaugh calling a liberal activist a slut.

El Rushbo even apologized.

Now we have to listen to hours of media lectures about contraceptives, women’s rights to free abortifacents, misogynist conservatives, Dark Age religious beliefs, blah blah blah.

The Democrats have basically done the equivalent of shouting “squirrel!” during a Godzilla attack and somehow gotten everyone’s attention.

Let’s be blunt. This was a put up.

And amazingly, Limbaugh fell for it, as have numerous Republican politicians.

Sandra Fluke, the offended student who was excluded from a Senate hearing on President Obama’s latest experiment in despotism, isn’t what she’s been presented as by the Democrats and the media.

Fluke is a fake.

Allegedly a run-of-the-mill, 23-year-old Georgetown law student whose sexual escapades were bankrupting her because of the cost of contraceptives, Fluke turns out to be a 30-year-old feminist activist who chose to go to Georgetown after specifically reviewing its insurance policy and discovering that it didn’t cover contraceptives. According to a Washington Post story written before Fluke was to testify, she went to Georgetown for the express purpose of combating that policy.

And she just “happens” to pop up near a hearing about religious freedom being violated by the president’s decree that churches must pay for contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs. …

The “testimony” Fluke gave in a video after being denied the chance to speak before the Senate hearing involves unnamed women at unnamed Catholic universities who allegedly have medical needs for regular contraceptives. One allegedly needs the pill to control seizures. (I’m no doctor, but isn’t that called hormone therapy rather than contraception?) The other is a new mother whose doctor told her not to get pregnant again too soon. Seems a little willpower could solve that particular problem.

Now, a real journalist, or even just a reasonably awake reader, might at this point ask who these women are, where they go to school, whether their medical conditions are real and what this has to do with Obama tearing down the First Amendment. Journalists used to call that gathering facts.

Instead, we’re told how conservatives want to take the country back to the Dark Ages, when women were property and couldn’t get contraceptives or abortion-inducing drugs paid for by someone else.

You remember those Dark Ages, don’t you? They were about three weeks ago.

If Ms. Fluke truly is worried about affordable contraception, might I suggest a firmly zipped pair of pants?

But all of this is a distraction, irrelevant to the real issue: Our president is using his office to trample on religious freedom, one of the most basic founding principles of our country.

This is the gravest of subjects with the most serious of consequences for our liberty and our future as a free nation.

If justice prevails — if there even is still such a thing — Obama will be held accountable for his transgressions and made to pay by …


Tad Cronn is the editor in chief of The Patriots Almanac and the author of the e-book Radical Reboot: How to Fix Capitalism (and Save the World).