Sounds like Georgia might be the first to pass the resolution.
Check it out:

The Georgia team is working hard, and it’s paying off. Yesterday, Senator Cecil Staton filed the Convention of States Project’s application in the Georgia Senate.

The resolution currently has 22 senate sponsors, including every member of the Georgia Senate leadership team! This means we only need seven more votes for the application to pass in the Georgia Senate.

David Guldenschuh, our Legislative Liaison in Georgia, is eager to get the resolution passed by the end of the legislative session on March 16th. “The goal is to get a Rules Committee hearing on it next week and a vote the week thereafter, at which point it will cross over to the House for Committee assignment there,” said Guldenschuh.

Our Georgia volunteers have done a great job so far, and we are excited to see what they will do in the future. If you’d like to get involved in your state, sign up today! If you want to stop the out of control federal government, this is the only way. Sign up here and add your name to those who care about freedom. Sign up here!

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