A Georgia kindergarten student was handcuffed and arrested for throwing a temper tantrum in school on Friday, Macon’s WMAZ-TV reports.

Six-year-old Salecia Johnson, a student at Creekside Elementary School in Milledgeville, allegedly knocked over a shelf, injuring the principal; bit the office door knob; jumped on the paper shredder; and tried to break a glass frame above the shredder.

Assuming the allegations are true, Johnson’s mother, Constance Ruff, offered up the understatement of the year when she called the incident “just one of her [Salecia’s] bad days.”

Police were called to the scene, whereupon an officer, according to the police report, tried to calm the child but was unsuccessful. Instead, the report says, she resisted the officer and was therefore handcuffed, after which she was taken to the police station, where she was charged with simple assault and damage to property. There she was placed, still tightly handcuffed, into a holding cell, the girl’s’s aunt, Candace Ruff, told the Associated Press.

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