On a day in the near future, we will know if our Nation is really founded as a Nation of Laws or not. Obama has stretched every aspect of our Nation, the freedoms we once shared and our sovereignty to the brink of an abyss. If Obama gets away with NOT appearing in Court, then none of us ever have to appear in a court again! What type of anarchy will there be in the United States?

We can only hope that the third branch of our Government, it is in itself a power to which we ALL must adhere to, will stand behind our US Constitution and the Laws that have prevailed for over 200 years! The question I have for each of you is, no matter if you believe he is or he is not a Natural Born Citizen, “Are we going to allow the Democratic Party to continue to snub their nose to our Constitution and of our Laws?”

It is clear all Democrats are Communists and Socialists because they do not follow or believe in the “Law of the Land.” If they were really Americans and believed in the US Constitution, they would conduct themselves in accordance with the laws of the Nation. Since they do not, we must be very careful who we vote into office. We may have only ONE MORE FREE ELECTION before we will be subjugated to Socialism. I ask you to ask everyone you know this question “Is your Democratic ideals so valuable to you, that you are willing to throw away your rights and freedoms by not supporting the Constitution of the United States of America?”

We Must Vote Out of Office ALL Liberals and here is why…

Judge Malihi moved the deadline for filing our legal briefs up to today, so today we filed two documents with Georgia’s Office of State Administrative Hearings. We expect Judge Malihi to rule promptly on this matter. As soon as he does, we will let you know both what his ruling is and what it means.

The first filing was our Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law. This is written as a proposed order in the Judge’s voice, but it is not his order. This filing is written in this way to show how we would like the Judge to rule on the evidence and arguments we presented last Thursday in Atlanta. We showed that Obama’s father was never a citizen via several documents. We then showed Supreme Court precedent that “natural born citizen” requires two citizen parents at the time the candidate was born. We therefore propose a ruling that Obama is not Constitutionally qualified to be on the Georgia ballot for the office of President.

The second filing today was a Motion for Finding of Contempt against Obama. My message last week, Is the Judicial Branch Dead?, covered the implications of Obama’s actions last week.Never before in our history have we had a President simply ignore a court order. We have had Presidents subject to a court order more than once, but in every one of those instances, the President in question followed lawful procedure in dealing with those orders. We now have a sitting President that has openly declared that he is not subject to the Judicial Branch of our government. This is dangerous territory and our Motion urges Judge Malihi to recommend “that the Superior Court find the Defendant in willful contempt of Court, and that the Superior Court impose sanctions commensurate with an act that threatens the foundations of our Constitutional Republic.”

Please continue to help spread the word about our arguments. There is so much misinformation circulating about what a Natural Born Citizen is and what our Constitution says. Many wonder why this is even important at this point. It is important because everything is connected. If we fail to follow the Constitution in one circumstance, how can we defend upholding the Constitution in another? This is not a partisan issue, this is not a gender issue, this is not a race issue. This is a rule of law issue. Either we have rule of law in the United States or we don’t.

*From the Liberty Legal Foundation.