On the day Mitt Romney rolled out the endorsement of Senator John McCain of Arizona, a “super PAC” backing Newt Gingrich dug out an old gem and put in on the Web.

The PAC, Winning Our Future, posted a commercial slamming Mr. Romney by using past footage of him offering conflicting positions on issues like abortion, gun control and what it means to be a Republican.

“I will preserve and protect a woman’s right to choose and am devoted and dedicated to honoring my word in that regard,” he says.

But moments later, in another clip, he says: “You can go back to YouTube and look at what I said. I never said I was pro-choice.”

But it’s the kicker to the ad that makes it significant.

“I’m John McCain and I approved this message,” the senator says in the ad, tweaking both Mr. Romney and Mr. McCain on endorsement day.

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