I just read an article in Newsmax about the Wicked Witch of the North, otherwise known as Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and her views on Roe v Wade and thus on abortion. According to the report, Ginsberg told a University of Chicago Law School audience –folks right up her alley ideologically — that what she regretted about Roe v Wade is that “the court had given opponents of access to abortion a target to aim at relentlessly.”
Justice Ginsberg argues that if the original decision had merely struck down the Texas anti-abortion law that provoked the case, it would have allowed progress on the abortion front throughout the states to continue unabated. Instead, the broad position in favor of abortion rights provoked this never-ending war by people she obviously views as unhinged against what she prefers to call women’s rights and not the right to privacy.
If what the Justice meant to say was that she just knew the left would fail to exercise any common sense, decency, restraint or respect in exercising the right to abortion and would thus certainly provoke growing public outrage over the non-existent rights of the unborn, then she was prescient. The Court would have been wiser just to decide the case and let social developments take their course. But that doesn’t mean people just like Ginsberg wouldn’t be in the states pushing the limits ceaselessly on what a mother can do to the child she has conceived. Just think about the irony in this: the only time killing a baby in utero or causing it to die in utero is against the law is if anybody but the mother does so. When Mom pulls the plug on Junior, it is not a crime. It’s a right. Isn’t that inherently creepy? Mommy dearest, indeed.
The anti-abortionists are against murdering the unborn. It really is no more complex than that. If Ginsberg ever thinks about those murdered infants, I wonder if it bothers her, or if she is one of those people who think there are no limits on a fundamental right and in the case of abortion, it is a necessary evil that allows women to exercise the full extent of their powers and potential. Why such a dynamo can’t keep from getting pregnant when she doesn’t want to is beyond me. I can’t imagine Ginsberg shedding a tear over an unborn child dismembered to death or with its brain sucked out. But I’ll bet the death penalty for heinous murderers and sadists moves her to weep.
Just think, the world spent weeks looking at, or having a chance to examine, the horrors committed by Kermit Gosnell, definitely not a friendly green frog. The left largely, almost universally, ignored the trial and its implications — well, forget the implications, the left isn’t going there now or in future. And as the jury was pondering its decision, a Supreme Court Justice told law students that the only reason Roe v Wade was bad was because it fomented opposition to its intent. Is she blind, uninterested, soulless? Is everything for Ginsberg theoretical? Does she secretly revel in the notion that she is still the fiery revolutionary?
The left has become most outspoken of late in this once great United States. I champion their freedom of speech. But it is just one more symptom of the fall of our culture that these people who glorify not life, but death and who believe in power for an elite few allegedly to advance the rights of the many have been idolized. How can such anti-individualist positions sway a young mind and make it ready to barter freedom for a little more something or other? I don’t know, but I know this illness starts in our homes and in our schools. Something is deeply wrong.
And as for the revolutionary bit: I am afraid the days of the left being revolutionary are like, so over. You’re all becoming a bunch of Brezhnevs, stagnated in the past and lugging around ideas not just outmoded, but proven wrong. All you do is group react, like amoebae, coasting through life on automatic, doing what is expected by the State and never questioning. No thinking allowed.

Today’s real revolutionaries are on the right, they are the people being illegally audited, no doubt surveilled, and corralled to the extent possible by the leftist elite. They are the ones who are defying the powers that be on behalf of the individual’s fundamental rights and who have an alternative vision for this country. The next revolution isn’t going to be one where kids sport Che Guevara t-shirts and dirty jeans, but a revolution straight from the center-right of this country. So watch out Bill Ayres. What goes around, comes around.

Norma Brown (Ooobie on Everything)