Yesterday, I watched an episode of Cupcake Wars—the Food Network’s “tastiest competition yet.” Each show is a baking competition between four bakers and is based on a uniquely themed event such as, Monster Trucks, The Chinese New Year, etc. Ultimately, the winner receives $10,000 and the opportunity to present his/her display of 1,000 cupcakes at the big event on which each competition is based. This particular episode featured the centennial celebration of the Girl Scouts.

The first round challenge was to create a cupcake that tasted like one of the many flavors of Girl Scout cookies.  One of the bakers was the owner of PubCakes (, a bakery in San Diego, which features desserts inspired by and made with beer.

Obviously, the owner and her teammate were unsure whether or not it would be acceptable to bake a cupcake containing beer for the Girls Scouts. But they remained true to themselves and eventually decided that they needed to do what they did best and bake with beer. They rationalized that the alcohol cooks out while baking.

So, they created a cupcake resembling Samoas—a favorite among Girl Scout Cookie enthusiasts.   Two of the judges agreed that the flavor was very close to the flavor of the cookie. However, the guest judge was a high-achieving Girl Scout and didn’t know if the beer would be acceptable to the parents—even if the alcohol cooks out.

Not surprisingly, PubCakes was immediately eliminated from the competition despite the fact that one of the other competitors was given far less favorable remarks by the judges.  What reason did the judges give? The cake should be made with ingredients that are acceptable to serve to Girl Scouts.

What a joke. While I certainly would not support serving beer to Girl Scouts, I don’t think baking a cake containing the ingredient should have been grounds for dismissal.  Apparently, non-alcoholic beer is considered more dangerous than the ultra-leftwing propaganda promoted by the Girl Scouts organization.

Did you know that boys are now allowed to be part of Girl Scouts as long as they cross dress as girls?  Consider the fact that the Media Relations Officer, Joshua Ackley, taught a workshop for the Girl Scouts based on Planned Parenthood’s sex brochure “Healthy, Happy, and Hot.”  See Dr. Goetsch’s article on this subject at,

It’s sad that I cannot get excited about the centennial celebration of Girl Scouting. It’s even more sad that I have been unable to support local scouts for years by buying their cookies.  That’s because extreme liberals and feminists have hijacked this organization.  Connections, both direct and indirect, can be found linking Girl Scouts to controversial issues such as radical feminism; gay, lesbian, bisexual, & transgender issues; abortion rights, etc. (

In my humble opinion, the owners of PubCakes were unfairly eliminated from the competition.   Perhaps the publicity will make up for the hassle of their trip. I am mostly sorry, however, that so many parents unknowingly hand over their daughters to an organization that ultimately aims to undermine their traditional family values.