Global warmist wants his cake and eat it too.
Check it out:

What’s the biggest challenge facing a “science communicator” in this, the age of global warmism? It is wishing devoutly that a natural disaster kill as many disbelievers as possible while having them simultaneously survive so that their noses can be rubbed in their fatuous denial of “true science.”
More specifically, this is the dream of someone named Brad, who blogs at something called Climate Nuremberg. Brad is careful to avoid giving away too much personal information (on his “About” page he writes, “I’m hardly going to give you my last name, am I, douchecanoes?”). Then again, in light of his views, which include the following, it’s understandable he chooses to guard his anonymity:

As a communicator myself, I’d like nothing better than for thousands of middle-class white people to die in an extreme weather event — preferably one with global warming’s fingerprints on it — live on cable news. Tomorrow. [Emphasis added]

The hardest thing about communicating the deadliness of the climate problem is that it isn’t killing anyone. And just between us, let’s be honest: the average member of the public is a bit (how can I put it politely?) of a moron. It’s all well and good for the science to tell us global warming is a bigger threat than Fascism was, but Joe Q. Flyover doesn’t understand science. He wants evidence.

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