I asked Pastor Woodrow Walker II, Sr. Pastor of Abundant Life Church in Lithonia, GA if Christians should be involved in politics. He replied, “Well, there is an aspect of politics we must be involved in, but we must not allow our politics to control every decision that we make…”

I asked Pastor Walker why so many Christians voted for Obama when Obama supports “partial-birth-abortion” and “same-sex-marriage”, which are completely against Biblical values. Pastor Walker replied, “President Obama has become, pretty much, a symbol to bring out in many people’s hearts and lives the things that had pre-existed beforehand. I don’t agree with the position of “partial-birth-abortion.” I do not agree with “same-sex” marriage. None of those things are things that I agree with, but I also have to look into the history of the positions that many African-Americans have taken. I believe that as a believer, we must be empathetic if we’re to win anybody. What I mean by empathetic is I don’t want to know just what your problem is, but how did you get to that place of having that problem. And, I believe that we live in a very sick society….we have to look at sin as sin…”

Honestly, I could not follow him. Off camera, before the interview, I asked Pastor Walker if he voted for Obama or not, and he would not answer me.

We did agree on the most important thing – “love God with all your heart, soul, and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself.”

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