What if you, an everyday American, could know the bottom-line answer to restoring our nation’s economy? What if you could know the root cause of America’s economic setbacks? If you could know these things, you would be better prepared to critically sift through the proposed economic policies of politicians on the left, on the right, and in the middle. In other words, you would be prepared to make rational, objective, and positive decisions about America’s economy and to hold politicians responsible for doing the same. The good news is that you, without any formal instruction in economics, can know these things. In fact, I agree with Chad Hovind—author of the outstanding new book GODONOMICS—that you must know these things. I consider this new book a must-read for all Americans.
According to Hovind, “What you don’t know can hurt you. We ignore the power of ideas at our own peril. All ideas, right or wrong, have spiritual, practical, or economic consequences.” The ideas Hovind refers to are those proposed by politicians of all stripes—conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats, socialists and libertarians—that have gotten America into an economic quagmire and are doing little to get us out of it. Consider Hovind’s words on the subject of political solutions to economic problems: “…political solutions can never put us on a sound economic footing. Politics is not interested primarily in the good of the nation. Instead, politics has to do with gaining and exercising power over your opponents, rewarding your biggest donors, and benefitting the priority constituencies of your party. If, in doing these things, you also accomplish something good for the country at large, that’s great. But such an outcome is more of an afterthought in the political process than it is a primary focus.”
So what is the source of this knowledge that is readily available to any American but that politicians choose to ignore concerning how to restore America’s economy? The answer to this question is simple: it’s the Bible. Here is how Hovind puts it: “What our nation’s leaders have missed is the one reliable, unfailing source of direction and wisdom that is available to us. If we continue to ignore God’s guidance in the economic realm—at the levels of individuals, families, and the nation—we can be sure we will end up losing even more of our freedom and personal wealth. We will be living in a country weakened by economic failure and wondering how the greatest nation in history could have been brought to such a depressing state of financial and ethical bankruptcy.”
What, you might ask, does the Bible have to say about economics? As Hovind’s new book demonstrates, plenty. To begin with, economics is the study of scarcity and how people handle scarcity. To understand how human beings tend to handle scarcity and what guides their decisions concerning the proper allocation of limited resources, one must begin with the nature of man. To understand the nature of man, one must read the Bible. Hovind’s new book, GODONOMICS, makes this point and many more that put economics in its proper context. He presents what has been called the dismal science in a new light that makes it anything but dismal.
After a powerful Introduction, Hovind presents GODONOMICS in nine parts. Each part is based on the question, What would God say if he were talking to…?” Hovind masterfully shows, based strictly on the Bible, what God would say if he were talking to America’s Founders, Adam Smith, John Maynard Keynes, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Alan Greenspan, Jim Wallis (social-justice spokesman), Karl Marx, the IRS, and you and me. These chapters relating to specific individuals are informative, educational, enlightening, and inspiring. I wish Hovind’s book had been available when I studied economics in college. Thankfully, it is available now at www.godonomics.com and amazon.com. The book is endorsed by such luminaries as Governor Mike Huckabee, Glenn Beck, R.C. Sproul, Jr., and Congressman Bo McEwen among others. Get this book. You will be glad you did.