Government shutdown or not, there’s no reason to keep elderly veterans away from the World War II Memorial, says Rep. Louis Gohmer (R-Texas), who was there on Tuesday when a group of 85- to 98-year-olds from entered the barricaded Memorial grounds.

“It is a granite sidewalk — it’s a sidewalk!” Gohmert told Fox News on Wednesday.”They (the National Park Service) spent extra money to go find barriers to put up in front of these World War II vets. And I’m wondering what are they going to do next — hang a drapery over Mt. Rushmore? I mean, this is ridiculous!”

Summoned to the Memorial by Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), Gohmert said “a bunch of us showed up and we were out there — and well, yeah, maybe I was standing at the front — and we all looked down and magically, the tape was parted and the barriers opened, and here came the bagpipe and the veterans in wheelchairs.”

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