When, in “ancient” history, John the Baptist, called on the
people to repent of their sins, it was not very popular.  In
fact, it became life-threatening to the point of his head ending
up on the platter delivered to King Herod.  Such is the danger
and cruelty awaiting those who clamor for good government …
against evil corruption in high places.  Our forefathers well
knew the price they might have to pay when they wrote the
Declaration of Independence from Great Britain and King George
III.  History bears out the devastating cost to most of them when
they lost almost everything in their quest to give this land a
new name; a new government and freedom from tyrannical foreign
rule.  A monumental task lay before them, but, almost without
fail, they relied on a Supreme Being, God, to give them wisdom
and courage in articulating The Articles of the Constitution
so that, with God’s help, they could present a code to live by
that would govern all men, and give equal voice to everyone.

Those historical documents remain in effect today.  They are,
however, under constant attack by those who abhor history and
seem to prefer slavery … their own “slavery” of everyone else
whose views conflict with theirs.  Equal rights – as long as they
conform to theirs; equal voice – as long as they support the
views of those who oppose them.  One of the most eloquent and
elegant Amendments to the Constitution is the First Amendment,
establishing freedom to speak one’s own opinion; freedom to
publish; freedom of religion – God-given “right” to worship the
God of our choice.  Based on the views of the authors of this
courageous document, one can only surmise that they had
communicated regularly with the true God of Heaven, Christ Jesus
and the Holy Spirit in attempting to author a fair and timeless
plan to govern everyone without bias or status in life.  The only
other document in history with the same basic intent is the Ten
Commandments, given by God to Moses and detailing ten of the most
comprehensive relationships that we have with each other and with

Carved in stone: Honor your father and mother; do not murder; do
not steal; do not commit adultery; do not covet what belongs to
another; do not lie – bear false witness; do not worship false
gods – idols … such is the “code of life” that will never grow
old.  Can anyone honestly argue with these four-thousand year old
principles of honest, decent behavior?  Well, it’s happening –
just as there are those who obfuscate the intent of the
Constitution to suit their own selfish, arrogant and deviant
desires, the same object to those who attempt to honor and follow
a code of ethics that is as old as history itself.

Is there a code of ethics in our schools today?  Don’t draw a
picture of a knife, gun, etc., don’t call anything wrong, a sin
… I forget, there is no such thing as “sin.”  Therefore there
is no such thing as “wrong,” is there?  But the present “code”
demands affirmation of “sin.”  Ahhh, woe to them who call evil
good, and good evil.  Aren’t we seeing the effects of “evil”
throughout our society?  The agonizing breakup of families where
children know not their parents and whose “parents” often don’t
even know whose children they bear.  Is there wisdom in a society
where each one honors each other and where children grow up
knowing and being loved by true, honest, biological parents?  I
say Yes, a thousand times YES.

We are about to celebrate once again the incredible dream of our
founding fathers, who agonized over, argued long hours into the
night, made many, many changes to and finally agreed to put their
lives on the line in publishing the Declaration of Independence
and the Constitution of the United States – that were then taught
and hung on school house walls everywhere.
It was a natural thing; we accepted it; it made us one, and we
believed the Constitution to be the most important blueprint for
this country, outside of the Holy Bible, itself.  Without either
one, we are no longer one … and no longer a viable country.
If either one of those documents become passe, repentance may be
too late.  There is still time – but it’s getting short.