2052? Did I read that right? 2052? Really? That’s forty years from now, a full generation! Yes, that’s correct. That’s how long it will be before America has a real chance of reversing it current course.

We now find ourselves in a liberal freefall and will eventually hit bottom, as have other once great nations. When that occurs it will still take a generation, maybe longer, to climb our way back up to the top assuming we escape the grip of a totalitarian state.

As we continue down this road to serfdom the chances multiply that America will become, in some form, a dictatorship. We are not far from that now. We are already controlled to a great degree by government in some form and our freedom erodes almost daily. For some inexplicable reason this doesn’t seem to bother most people. They just zombie along the path of destruction.

The Ship of State, like a cruise ship, does not turn around quickly. It takes a long time and there has to be a powerful reason to change course. At this point, there is no reason. Quite the opposite is true; voters now insist we go “full steam ahead!” This is code for  “Forward, into the pit.”

There is now a provable political momentum established in the country. It is a strong wave propelled by a subtle but substantial Marxist worldview. America has chosen to make a hard turn to the left. This is unprecedented in our history. This clear preference dims the hope for any quick recovery. Once the choice is made to ride down the leftist track, it can easily take up to a generation or more to reverse course.


Based on history, it would be very unusual, maybe impossible, for America to ever return to its former glory and power. As we borrow ourselves into more and more financial bondage and continue to implement liberal programs (socialism) the prospects of renewal and a return to greatness is greatly diminished.


Change, the good kind, will only occur if the majority of voters come to their senses rather than choose to wallow in the squalor and bondage that their current choices will bring. The other hope, one that I pray for, is that God will have mercy and send true revival and reformation upon our land. This is always a possibility.


I doubt the public schools are allowed to teach this any longer but since our founding, America has had three “Great Awakenings.” There could be another coming our way. There is indisputable precedent for this and this lends us hope.


These spiritual occurrences brought true change to the people and did impact American culture at their respective times. Some argue it had a great influence upon the Revolutionary War. Wikipedia addresses this point:


Historians have debated whether the Awakening had a political impact on the American Revolution, which took place soon after. Heimert (1966) argues that Calvinism and Jonathan Edwards provided pre-Revolutionary America with a radical and democratic social and political ideology and that evangelical religion embodied and inspired a thrust toward American nationalism. Colonial Calvinism was the basis for the American Great Awakening and that in turn lay at the basis of the American Revolution.


Jonathan Edwards is well known for his great sermon preached in Enfield Connecticut in 1741, the height of the first of the “Awakenings.” It was titled “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” You know, I bet that most churches today wouldn’t even allow Jonathan Edwards to preach his famous sermon. The “sin” word isn’t currently that popular. We don’t confess our sins anymore; we just make mistakes or bad judgments.


This past summer I wrote an article that raised the question, “Are We At The Tipping Point?” The issue was whether the voting majority of Americans were willing to go in an alien direction and abandon individualism, free enterprise, mom, and apple pie as the norm in favor of socialism. Were Americans willing to give up more freedom in exchange for more benefits?


Several months ago these were just questions. Today, they are facts. People voted and the results of the 2012 election tell the story of where we are, who we are, and where we are going. We are willing to give up freedom for benefits or security. Benjamin Franklin said concerning this attitude, They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”


I find it unbelievable that the majority of Americans, about 59% on Election Day, still blames George Bush for the poor economy. Who would have thought that a current President could get away with blaming a predecessor for four years?


There is more good news for President Obama. Now, he can blame Hurricane Sandy. When the November unemployment numbers come out  you can bet that Sandy will get the blame. Maybe President Bush can finally get a break from all the blame.


A large number of the younger generation, ages 18-29, by virtue of public education, media brainwashing, lying politicians, liberal institutions and immoral laws have bought into the lie too. They actually believe that government can save them and supply their needs. They voted for Obama over Romney by a whopping 60%. These are the people communists call “useful idiots.”


Conservatives lost and lost bigger, not just by the numbers, but also by results, outcomes, and future hopes. So, what do we do next? Run! Run for the hills, the caves, or Panama.  Just kidding. These are sometimes valid options, but last ditch ones. We are not there yet.


We have no choice but to fight, pray, and hold on to our hope. We must put God and family first. I encourage you to be prudent and wise. Be prepared, but don’t panic. The bottom line is that God is good and whatever happens will be for our good and His Glory.