The Republicans are claiming a significant victory as they secured the U.S. Senate, but this election was about something more than the Republicans. It was a referendum against the terrible policies that are destroying this country. It was more of a disapproval of the donkeys than an endorsement of the elephants. Americans simply want answers and are hoping that someone, somewhere will stop this runaway government.

The bad news is that America will continue to experience business as usual. The aloof Republicans will appoint a Senate Majority Leader to replace Harry Reid (D-NV). And while it is unlikely legislation will halt the way that it did for so long under Reid as he disallowed certain items to come to a vote, the Republicans will not have the 60 votes to stop the filibustering that will take place among the Senate Democrats.

For the legislation that does get through to the president’s desk, the president will not likely sign it, especially coming from a Republican-controlled House and Senate. Why? Because politics trumps principle.

As a result, President Obama will continue on with his executive orders. The question is whether Congress will do anything about it. I suspect they won’t. There will be no consequences for President Obama and his illegal actions.

Not much of anything will change in Washington, D.C. Sure, we can applause the so-called conservatives, but there are only a handful of real conservatives in DC.

Most Republicans in office are simply not constitutional conservatives who believe in less government, less spending, less taxes, less legislation, more freedom, and more responsibility. As Thomas Sowell said, most of these people are only concerned about “elections and reelections.”

The reality that America must come to grips with is where the real battle is, namely the culture. Until we fix our culture – the American people – and get them to begin to realize why limited government is critical to freedom, we will not replace the rabid animals in DC. Instead, we will just replace one label with another.

While no one is putting the brakes on Washington, D.C. through this election, the only silver lining that can possibly be found is that perhaps the pressure on the gas pedal will be lightened. At best, we will have a stalemate over the next two years, and that would be nothing short of a miracle – good news in a morbid sort of way.

What we need are people who are willing to stand up and stop talking about new legislation and demand repealing harmful legislation.

We need people who will call out the more than 250 bureaucracies for what they are – entities that have stolen legislative power in the face of a Constitution that says otherwise.

We need people who are willing to cater to freedom and not to the masses.

We need people who will say what is unpopular, yet do it in a way that will begin an awakening.

We need people who understand the power of the Tenth Amendment and are willing to honor it.

We need people who understand that the people are ultimately sovereign and that the governing power begins with us.

We need people who are willing to follow the rules outlined in the U.S. Constitution supported through the lens of the Declaration of Independence.

The real question is this: Will this government enhance our liberties? I suspect not.

Yes, the good news is that the Republicans won. If they would only follow their platform which declares that they are the “party of the Constitution.” The bad news is that they have a ways to go to restoration our country back to its foundational principles. The best news is that the power to change lies with us. Will we rise to the occasion?

Shane Krauser is a radio talk show host in Arizona, an attorney, and a highly-sought after speaker throughout the United States. Follow him on Twitter: @ShaneKrauser