My husband is a good daddy. Our daughter is two, and if asked to describe her, I would say that she is a giggling, bubbly, smart, funny, busy, speedy, talkative little sugar plum. If asked about her dark side, I would quietly mutter that she has (occasional) daily caveman-esque outbursts of screaming rage where she is flailing and kicking and living up to every bit of the “terrible” in the terrible two cliche. So, why is my husband a good daddy? Well, he loves her. He knows her. He’s patient. But, at the same time, he doesn’t let her get away with her psychotic rampages. We regulate what she does, what she eats, when she does it, etc. We are parents.

So, as a parent of a two-year-old, I understand more than anybody the importance of guidelines. Boundaries. Consequences. I also know that if I didn’t know my kid, I wouldn’t discipline her well. So, why is it that we have such a large portion of the country that wants the State to be their parent?

Well, it’s not too hard to wrap your mind around it. The perks of having a parent are that you get fed. You get a roof over your head. Sometimes, you might even enjoy an all-expense-paid education. But, the drawback of having a parent is that you’re not free. You don’t have the authority to make your own decisions when you’re still living in Papa’s house. Don’t you remember being sixteen and longing for the sweet taste of freedom? The freedom of driving all the way around the block with your windows down, blaring hip hop, while simultaneously eating a whole pint of ice cream, straight out of the carton?

We grow up with that inborn desire to be free and make our own decisions. And, those of us who are old enough to remember the pre-oober-left-America, remember what it was like to turn 18, go out on our own and have a chance to make something of our lives – put ourself on our own two feet and choose our own path in life.

Well, since 2008, we’ve seen a change. That “change” Obama promised was real and it happened. Simply put, the change Obama brought, was the beginning of The Nanny State, or more accurately, The Daddy State.

Time Magazine called Obama the “architect of the new America.” Spot on. We are living in a country with a government that has gotten so controlling, we are now seeing half of America happily enjoying college, housing, food stamps, healthcare…all on the tax payer’s dime. And, with those “perks,” we’re seeing government regulation ranging from forcing Christian businesses to cover abortions in employee insurance packages all the way to restricting our Fanta intake.

I’m still in my 20s. So, most of my peers benefit from Obama’s policies (financially). When I say I’m conservative, people look at me with one of those “say wha?” faces and they all say the same thing – why would YOU be a conservative?

I mean, the truth is, many of us live with mom and dad well past the regular timeline. Why? Because there are benefits to having mom and dad take care of you. Similarly, many Americans are enjoying the Daddy State that America is becoming because they’ve got their free Obama phone and they feel that they’re being taken care of. But, they forget – when you’re living off your parents, you don’t get to make the calls.

Politicians are attempting to alter our very Constitution. They are fighting against the 2nd amendment – our right to carry guns. They are fighting against religious freedom by demonizing Christians who stand for traditional marriage and stand against abortion. They are attempting to make us healthier by restricting us from buying 2 Liter sodas.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather stand on my own two feet and be allowed to drink as much soda as I want. I’d rather pay my way through college and be allowed to read my Bible in public. I’d rather have the financial burden of my own grocery bill, but be allowed to keep a gun in my house in case a psychotic gunman or kidnapper tried to invade my house and hurt my family.

We all have that desire in us. It starts when we’re teenagers and we get our first taste of freedom. And sure, sometimes I miss that carefree feeling I had, as a kid – of having all my needs met, no matter what I did. But, the more you depend on Daddy, the more liberty you lack.

If we keep handing over more and more freedom to this government, happy to be our Daddy and foot the bill, our kids are going to wake up one day, in the robotic and restrictive society that we’ve created and desperately cry for the freedom that we once had and took for granted.

It’s not worth it, you guys. Parenting is meant for the family unit – not a group of suits in Washington D.C. who don’t know you, or your needs, or your religious practice, or your economic situation. If you’re a kid, living with your parent, it is perfectly acceptable for them to dictate how much soda you can drink. If you’re an American, living in this country, and your politician is regulating your sugar intake, something is very wrong and you need to stand up and get involved in the decisions being made. Vote, call Congressmen, and talk to people about what is happening. And make sure you get in your daily Big Gulp.