But one day, when Nest decides it’d like access to my Google Plus account to let me remotely control my house, I’m screwed.
Check it out:

If you are not really into technology, you probably do not care that a company called Nest has been purchased by Google. I had been on the verge of installing a Nest thermostat in my house. Last week I determined it was compatible with my existing system and off to Lowe’s I intended to go.

But I do not think I will now. I, like many, have become more and more concerned about Google and its disregard for my privacy. But what is more striking is how difficult Google can be in the labyrinthine bureaucracy of a massive corporation.

I have a Google Plus account. In fact, if you want to do anything relating to Google these days other than search, you kind of need a Google Plus account. I have one. I am on television, I have a widely listened to radio show, I’ve guest hosted for Rush Limbaugh, I’m a former elected official, and I run one of the most influential conservative sites on the internet.

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