Isn’t creepy enough that when I’m browsing the internet, the ads shown on each site are so personal?

How did they know that I was a writer who likes karaoke and smoothies and who occasionally toys with the idea of pursuing a medical degree?

Most of us, by now, are okay with the internet algorithms that track what sites we visit and what we type into search engines because, well, the digital snooping does enhance our lives, after all. It’s convenient.

Why yes, Internet – I was looking for a doctor costume for my toddler. I’d love to click on this ad…

But, those of us who have read 1984, have been coughing the words, “Big brother” under our breath, (or just blurting it out) for a while now. Looks like those who suspect an Orwell-inspired society aren’t paranoid after all.

A federal judge has now ruled that Google Inc. is required to hand over customer data to the FBI. No questions asked, no warrants given.

This is really happening. If you have any internet presence at all, whatsoever, the government will now be able to know about it.

I did an interview with some Starbucks customers recently and asked which they valued more – privacy or security. One guy who said he valued security more, gave the classic “I don’t have anything to hide, so why should I care?”

Here’s the thing. I don’t have anything to hide either. But, I know the human heart – and I know that no man can be trusted with unlimited power. If we give the government all access into our lives – and hand all the power over to them – who will be there to stop corruption?

Here’s an example. I run – a site by and for conservatives under 30. One of my writers, Sydney Alan, is a sharp 20something who spends all her time writing church cirriculum, writing articles for our site, going to local restaurants with her surfer husband, painting, and playing with her cats. She emailed me shortly after the Boston Marathon bombing and said, “Sorry I wasn’t specific in my last article about the bombing, but I was afraid to type ‘making a bomb’ into Google and have the government think I’m a terrorist.”

Isn’t it chilling that a law-abiding, cat-loving, church employee is afraid to search for information (that she wants to use for an informative conservative article) because she knows that there are eyes on every move she makes?

She’s not paranoid. She’s aware of what’s happening in this country.

Our justice system can only work if its accountable to we, the people. If the government seizes power over everything – food, internet, travel, education, etc., then if they make a decision that is corrupt, there’s no one to stop them!

We can already see it happening in the fight for gay marriage, or marriage “equality” as the LGBT community puts it. No matter how many times we may say it, they simply don’t hear us as we say, “Marriage ‘equality’ for you means religious persecution for me.” If gay marriage is legalized on a federal level, then practicing Christians are in trouble.

We have already seen it happen in the pro-choice victory for “a woman’s right to choose.” Because abortion is legal, Christian run companies who don’t want to provide abortion in employee insurance packages are being targeted and punished by the government. Remember the Hobby Lobby travesty?

Liberals may say that we are paranoid and making something out of nothing, or they may say that we’re into something that we’re trying to hide. But, the truth is, we are concerned that the government has too much power and keeps on grasping for more and more.

America is unique because the power is in the hands of the people, but if the people keep handing power into the hands of a presidential administration with a partisan agenda, we are going to lose everything that made us great. We’re going to lose our voices.

So, here’s the problem we have, as conservatives. Think about it. Those who are willing to trash their laptops and go back to hardback encyclopedias, say ‘aye.’


Didn’t think so. I know, I’m not ditching my internet any time soon. The internet has revolutionized the world. What once took a week, now takes an hour. What once took an hour, now takes a minute. Could you imagine how many people would lose their jobs, in this country, if they quit using the internet? Like… EVERYBODY!

So, here’s the only move we’ve got – we have got to explain, to our people, why this government snoopery is a bad thing. We’ve got to inform people who “just don’t keep up with the news” what our government is doing and remind them of how tyranny took over other countries, throughout history. If we just give up or quit watching the news, more and more people (in my millennial generation, particularly) are going to listen to the celebrities and liberal media telling them that government power is a good thing. Use your first amendment right while you still have it, and speak up!