I have written quite a bit about the Syrian situation in my blogs and months ago predicted that Washington would roll out that tired old “war template” as soon as it suited them. The “war template” is that pattern of deceit and manipulation, used over and over, that enables our elected officials to drag our country into one war of aggression after another, from Kosovo to Damascus. All that is needed is to plug in new names – not Milosevic, Hussein, or Qaddafi, this time, but Assad. The accusation is always the same: we must engage in brutal aggression or the people we are bombing might engage in brutal aggression inside their own countries. Not once has our war-making come in response to aggression against the US or a NATO member or even in response to a credible threat; thus our actions are violations of international law. This is the pre-emptive school of foreign relations and defense policy that is today enshrined in NATO doctrine and practiced with zeal by NATO leaders. Armchair generals like Obama cringe at the thought of an American owning a handgun, but get off on the power rush they feel when wielding weapons by proxy. What can be more satisfying than watching high-explosives dropping down on the heads of those targeted for assassination (and many who are not)?

Once more I have a chance to see this chicanery in action in the halls of Congress, where Obama’s lackeys are spoon-feeding us half-truths, disinformation and outright lies to attain the president’s objective. And the lackeys include some of the most hypocritical politicians our country has produced — the Botox-faced gigolo John Kerry who catapulted himself into a lifetime Senate seat by posing as an anti-war vet and accusing our soldiers dying in Vietnam of every sort of savagery; and Chuck Hagel, who was so opposed to the war in Iraq that he turned his back on his President and his party, nearly bursting from indignation in the process. Today they peddle their lies with enthusiasm and chide those who question them. I wonder if these power-hungry egotists look in the mirror and see the two faces the rest of us do.

While the number of Americans who have bought into the Syrian cw fairy tale has grown from only 9 percent a week or two ago to about 40 percent today (the power of propaganda), there is still some sixty percent of the American people who don’t believe or are unsure that Assad used those chemical weapons. They certainly do not want any more counterproductive war-making that does nothing to strengthen our country or keep it safe. Furthermore, many of us suspect that our own government, Al Qaeda in one of its many guises, or Middle East potentates were involved and that they did it to force the reluctant Americans to support the removal by force of a man they want gone. Nevertheless, millions of us refuse to engage in the willing suspension of disbelief and swallow the lie that Bashar al-Assad ordered a chemical weapons attack knowing that Washington was thirsting for an excuse to bomb Syria and probably kill Assad himself. Gen. Dempsey, who is known to oppose a war against Syria and wrote a letter calling it a fool’s errand, was forced to pay lip-service to the official party line. But his performance was half-hearted and his great contribution was to state bluntly that he had no idea what our purpose is in attacking Syria. No matter, Gen. Dempsey. Not one member of the US Congress or the Obama administration, not to mention the American public, knows what our purpose is in attacking Syria.

The Republicans in Congress are participating in this Kabuki theater, posturing for the cameras. With a few notable exceptions (Rand Paul, Ted Cruz) they almost certainly will cave to the pressure to launch the bombers for fear of being labeled unconcerned or inhumane or unpatriotic by this most unpatriotic of American governments. They are opportunists and weasels. Watching these useful idiots set their faces into suitably serious expressions as they grab the microphone, it is clear that the only point of their questions is to establish that they “asked tough ones” before they gave the green light for war against Syria. It is all stage management.

At this moment, members of Congress are mulling over which way they should vote. But as I am hearing on the morning news, those opposed to the bombing only days ago are now “being won over.” The jingoists include House Speaker John Boehner and the two usual suspects, pro-war buffoons John McCain and Lindsay Graham. If Republicans do vote to support Obama on this issue, we will have definitive proof that our country no longer enjoys a two-party political system. The GOP, which once upon a time steered our foreign policy with a steady sober hand, will have transformed itself into a useless appendage to the party in power, as indifferent to the will of the voters as their Democrat pals are.

Here is what I am thinking: should what I have suggested will happen does happen and the Republicans board the Obama train wreck, they must pay the price. There is an election next year and every one of us on the conservative side whose views fell on deaf ears need to make sure this time they hear us loud and clear. They take our votes for granted, warning that if we don’t get to the ballot box, everything will be run by the Democrats. Too bad. Everything is already run by the Democrats, as the opposition has ceded the field. We on the right are tired of being ostracized, criticized, ridiculed and ignored. So I propose that a “yes” vote on this matter should be the last vote any of these people take in Congress. We need to organize a massive boycott of the Republican Party at the polls in 2014 and instead throw our support to independent or third-party candidates who will remember that their power flows from the people and not the other way around. And perhaps from there we can move on to the creation of a permanent third party that will squeeze the Republican Party into oblivion.

It is do or die time for the GOP. They have been on shaky ground for a long time now and I, for one, will happily pull the rug out from under them if they choose to play the fools for Barack Hussein Obama. My beautiful country has become a purveyor of death and destruction around the globe and the Republicans have helped make it so. I hope my fellow conservatives will join with me in the Great Boycott of the next elections.