Conservatives can’t count on the Republican establishment to have the boldness to push for an American renaissance. Establishment Republicans have too much invested in the “game,” and that includes livelihoods, careers, and stature. The push for conservatives is to assume full control of the GOP; the party’s infrastructure is valuable and laws in the states are biased toward the two-party system. But if conservatives aren’t successful in taking the GOP from the get-alongs, then it’s time to part company. An establishment-run GOP will be nothing more than a listing ship tethered to the Democrats’ ship steaming off to disaster.

Like Martin Luther, conservatives’ first step is to nail their equivalent of the 95 Theses to the door of the Republican National Committee — and then to the door of the White House… and then to the doors of colleges and universities and to every mainstream media outlet around.

The time has come for conservatives to proclaim, confidently, truthfully, and fearlessly. Dire times call to conservatives to do so; it falls to conservatives to be the instigators of a great American renaissance.

If not conservatives, then who?

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