The double standard between the GOP establishment and conservatives when it comes to “party unity” rears its ugly head once more.

In my home state of Iowa, a GOP establishment desperate to blame anyone other than themselves — the real culprits — for killing the lucrative Ames Straw Poll, is engaging in the sort of ham-fisted tactics as the anonymous source whining about conservatives to the liberal media about it.

First, a little history lesson so you know the background here.

Three years ago, the Republican Party of Iowa was taken over by the Ron Paul/Liberty movement — fair and square — when they shrewdly used party rules to put their people in place. Our Democrat Governor Terry Branstad — yes, he calls himself a Republican, but I don’t believe in bearing false witness — couldn’t abide that obviously. Because if there’s one faction of the base the GOP establishment hates even more than the evangelicals it’s the libertarians. However, his efforts at re-taking control of the state party were stymied when the libertarians and evangelicals formed an alliance. Ron Paul-er A.J. Spiker remained party chairman, but his new co-chair was respected evangelical Danny Carroll, a former state representative.

Thus, last year when Spiker stepped down to work for Rand Paul 2016, Carroll was next in line to succeed him.

Realizing that an alignment of evangelicals and libertarians was an existential threat, the GOP establishment hired one of Governor Chris Christie’s top people and gave him a substantial budget to work the party rules to get rid of their base once and for all. The problem is the effort may have been too successful. For now Branstad has virtual dominance of the state party, whose biggest fundraiser is the quadrennial (because the establishment keeps blowing presidential elections) Ames Straw Poll.

An Ames Straw Poll that Branstad is on record for years trying to undermine, because it favors grassroots conservatives and not the corporatist shills such as himself.

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