Republican National Committeeman Henry Barbour is not only not ashamed of the Alinsky/Obama tactics he deployed in Mississippi’s controversial U.S. Senate primary, apparently so is the Republican National Committee itself.

When questioned about the repugnant race-baiting Barbour used to steal a U.S. Senate primary from the conservative base, Barbour told The Hill newspaper in Washington, D.C. “I don’t have a problem with a word that’s in” those race-baiting ads criticized by a host of respected conservative leaders across the country.

It shouldn’t surprise any knowledgeable grassroots activist someone from the Barbour family tree has no problem going scorched earth on the conservative base, but what should sadden us is how the RNC has chosen to respond to this scandal.

The RNC refused to even bring to the floor the censure of Barbour submitted by Missouri Republican Party Chairman Ed Martin. There were several Twitter accounts of Barbour receiving a “standing ovation” by a group of delegates at the RNC’s recent meeting. And Barbour was just elected to the prestigious committee that will oversee GOP presidential debates during the upcoming 2016 primary cycle.

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