According to a recent AP story, “Seven states led by Republican governors are pushing to expand their Medicaid program under Obama’s health care law. Such a move once was considered anathema in the party.”

The latest challenger converted to the cause of supporting ObamaCare is Florida Governor Rick Scott. Scott and the Florida attorney general once led the coterie of states challenging the constitutionality of the health care mandates, now, the governor considers the war lost.

Scott told his fellow governors at last week’s gathering that the Supreme Court’s ruling declaring ObamaCare constitutional makes the mandates “the law of the land.”

Governos Scott and Walker are but the latest bulldogs turned lapdogs. As we reported early February, the call to heel had already begun.

Governor John Kasich of Ohio, Governor Gary Herbert of Utah, and Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona all softened their formerly hardline in advance of the deadline to establish ObamaCare exchanges and just in time to assure their constituents that the federal checks will keep coming.

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