The 2nd Amendment shouldn’t have to be sidelined just because we have a gun hating potentate in the White House. If anything, now is when it should be fought for the hardest.

In what appears to eventually be a 9 seat pick up in the Senate, Republicans have ousted Harry Reid from the Senate Leadership position and regained control of the upper house of Congress. As a gun owner, my question is: “What are they going to do now?”

Killing all gun control talk is great…I suppose…but with Republicans controlling the house since the 2010 elections, that has been a pipe dream for Democrats anyways. And with Obama in charge of nominating judges, the best the Republicans can do is block the extreme anti gun jurists but they are unable to put forth their own pro 2nd Amendment replacements.

In other words, defense is not what I am asking about. I want to know what offense the newly empowered Republican party is going to take in order to strengthen our 2nd Amendment rights.

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