Tea party activist David Lewis’s announcement Friday that he plans to mount a primary challenge to House Speaker John Boehner could indicate a larger problem for the GOP leadership, and point to restlessness among an important segment of the tea party faithful.

Republican leaders face a growing perception among some tea party factions that they are not interested in holding the Obama administration’s feet to the fire on spending. Some say the Republicans talked a good game going into the 2010 midterms but have failed to deliver since winning control of the House of Representatives.

“Everybody knows that the debt ceiling deal was a completely fraudulent deal,” Mark Meckler, national coordinator of the Tea Party Patriots, told The Daily Caller. “We were told that if we passed this deal we wouldn’t be downgraded, but we were still downgraded.”

Meckler warns that Republicans and Democrats could both face an electoral bloodbath in the 2012 primaries if they do not do more to hold the line on taxes and spending.

“What we have here in Washington, D.C. is, one, people who are just stupid, or two, they are lying,” Meckler said. “I think it’s both. They don’t understand economics, and they’re lying.”

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