The completion of the Canada-to-Texas pipeline has been a contentious Washington issue for the past six years.

The GOP-controlled Senate failed Wednesday to override President Obama’s veto of Keystone XL pipeline legislation but vowed to continue to fight to complete the project.

The vote was 62-37, five votes short of the 67-vote super-majority needed to override a presidential veto. The bill turned back by the president would have approved the controversial pipeline.

“The Senate’s failure to override President Obama’s veto is a defeat for our economy and American workers,” Indiana GOP Sen. Dan Coats said after the vote. “Obama and a majority of Senate Democrats have said no to creating new jobs and increasing our energy security. Despite support from the majority of Americans, this important pro-growth project remains in political paralysis.”

But some lawmakers are looking at other ways to muscle the legislation through.

“If we don’t win this battle today, we’ll attach [the legislation] to another bill and win the war,” North Dakota GOP Sen. John Hoeven, a major sponsor of the bill, said before the vote.

Hoeven is considering attaching the Keystone measure to a highway infrastructure bill.

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