Before I write about the debate, I want to address yet another creepy, sneaky, backhanded attack by another creepy, sneaky liberal—talk show host Jimmy Fallon.

By now you’ve probably all heard that the former Saturday Night Live alumni had GOP nominee Michele Bachmann on his show.  As she walked toward Fallon, smiling and ready to chat, Fallon’s band played a song by The Roots called ‘Lying A** Bi**h’.  Rep. Bachmann didn’t know anything about it until much later.  I’m sure Fallon’s imbecile band members giggled and snickered throughout her appearance.  Bastards.

Why the GOP candidates continue cavorting with the enemy—people like Fallon, or appearing on shows like The View or in debates on very biased networks like MSNBC and tonight’s CNN is beyond me.  I don’t get it.  Like Bachmann on Fallon’s show, they seem to be oblivious and have unending trust for these people who have made it abundantly clear that they HATE THEM.  They despise Conservatives with all their mean little hearts.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way—on to the debates.

Ultra-liberal Wolf Blitzer led the debates, the theme of which was national security.

I think from the start Newt Gingrich put Ron Paul’s misguided foreign policy at rest.  When asked about terrorism and the Patriot Act, instead of talking about the majority of terrorist attacks committed by Islam, Ron Paul mentioned Timothy McVeigh.

“International terrorism…is a crime and we should deal with it.  We dealt with it rather well with Timothy McVeigh,” Paul said.

“Timothy McVeigh succeeded—that’s the whole point,” Gingrich responded to applause.  “Timothy McVeigh killed a lot of Americans.  I don’t want a law that says after we lose a major American city, we’re going to come find you.  I want a law that says, you try to take out an American city we’re going to stop you!”

Romney sounded strong when he spoke of the difference between crimes—regarding the police state Paul discussed—and war on terror.

Finally the debate focused on a subject I’ve been screaming about since last year—TSA groping.

Perry talked of privatizing TSA-type agencies to applause.  Unfortunately Rick Perry had the chance in his state of Texas to set a precedent by calling TSA unconstitutional.  Rep. David Simpson led the fight and tried to pass a bill but Gov. Perry did not support him.

Rick Santorum got a BIG virtual high-five from me by being brave enough to talk about profiling the high priority-type people in airports—specifically MUSLIMS.  “Obviously Muslims would be someone to look at, absolutely.  The radical Muslims are the people who are committing these crimes including younger males.”

Ron Paul again mentioned Timothy McVeigh.  “What if they look like Timothy McVeigh?” he said.

Herman Cain said, “The terrorists have one objective:  they want to kill every one of us so we should use every means possible to kill them first or identify them first.”

Blitzer said, “Is it okay for Muslim Americans to get more intensive pat-downs than Christian Americans or Jewish Americans?”

OKAY—I’ll answer here.  YES IT IS!!  It IS more feasible that a Muslim IS going to try to kill people more than any of the Christian Americans I know.  And by the way, Tim McVeigh was NOT a Christian…sigh.

Regarding the threat in Pakistan (and the Obama administration continuing to give them money), Michele Bachmann said, “A nation that lies, that does everything wrong you can imagine at the same time they share intelligence data with us regarding Al Qaeda.  We need to demand more.  The money that we are sending now is intelligence money and helping the United States…Pakistan is too nuclear to fail…At this point I would continue that aid but…the Obama policy of keeping your fingers crossed is not working in Pakistan.”

Perry said, “If you’re not an ally of the United States, do not expect a dime of our money to be coming into your country.  That is the way we change foreign policy with these countries.”

Gingrich said, “We were told…that our killing Bin Laden in Pakistan drove Pakistan relations to a new low.  Well it should have—we should be furious.”  (applause)  “You say no hot pursuits, you say no sanctuaries, you change the rules of engagement, you put military in charge, you overhaul the State Department…and you tell the Pakistanis help us or get out of the way but don’t complain if we kill people you’re not willing to go after on your territory where you have been protecting them.”  (applause)

On illegal immigration Michele Bachmann disagreed with Gingrich about amnesty.  He said the part of the Dream Act he agreed with was allowing citizenship if they were born in America and served in the military.  Bachmann said he made her point—amnesty.

Romney sounded tougher on immigration.

“In order to bring people in legally we’ve got to stop illegal immigration,” Romney said.  “That means turning off the magnet of amnesty, in-state tuition for illegal aliens, employers that knowingly hire people who have come here illegally,” he said.

Gingrich got some Hispanic votes by saying, “I do not believe that the people of the United States would take people who’ve been here a quarter of a century, who have children and grandchildren, who are members of the community who may have done something 25 years ago—separate them from their families and expel them.  I do believe if you’ve been here recently and you have no ties to the US we should deport you.  I do believe we should control the border…I’m prepared to take the heat for saying let’s be humane in enforcing the law without giving them citizenship but by finding a way to create legality so that they are not separated from their family.”  (applause)

Perry agreed with Newt and added, “This conversation is never going to end until we secure that border.”

All in all, it was a decent debate despite being on CNN.  Herman Cain was funny all evening, calling Wolf Blitzer “Blitz” multiple times (and apologizing each time he caught himself).  It was awesome watching the pinched, sour look on Wolf’s face.

I watched part of the commentary at the end with the scary CNN-types talking about the GOP.  Of course, they criticized Santorum for actually uttering the “p” word (profiling).  That’s about all I could take.

CNN, re-blocked.

I’m sure the Libertarians will be happy with this debate; Ron Paul spoke succinctly for them.  Gingrich, Bachmann and Romney fans should also be pleased because they each did very well.