As a kid I remember the expectation that growing up would eventually put me in the world of adults — where childish thinking among my contemporaries would be a thing of the past. It didn’t take me long after turning 18 to realize how wrong that assumption was. Today it’s worse, as more people than ever need to be told to act (and think in line with) their age rather than their shoe size.

Our society is incredibly sophisticated when it comes to technology, and equally as immature in its thinking about sex. In part, maturity can be defined by simple decorum: no one wants to know about how and with whom you engage in sex. Keep your private life private.

Let us start with the basics: there are things in life that are immutable. One is the fact that there are males, females, and a tiny fraction of those with a chromosomal abnormalities. Another category of immutability is that of race — you have about as much chance of changing your race as you do your biological sex.

Unlike some of my fellow cultural conservatives, I am not in a panic over the currently high levels of mass confusion when it comes to all that surrounds “homosexual rights.” Widespread ignorance is merely another problem to be solved. Look what has happened on the abortion issue over the years as the light bulbs were turned on inside the heads of now-former pro-aborts as they experienced this revelation: “You mean that’s a baby they’re aborting? I thought it was a clump of tissue!” More Americans are becoming pro-life.

If conservatives stop granting the ill-advised legitimacy of sexual identity we can be on our way to the place where more adults wake up: “You mean it’s just how they want to have sex? I thought it was who they are!”

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