Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions did not take kindly to Illinois Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin’s criticism of Alabama’s rigid enforcement of immigration laws during a speech promoting the DREAM Act, attacking Durbin from the Senate floor and contributing to a letter demanding that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano closes safe havens for illegal immigrants.

During his speech Wednesday evening, Sessions told Durbin to stop casting aspersions on other states until his state dispenses with breaking the law via sanctuary city policies — the most egregious of which, he said, is Cook County Ill.

“If we are going to talk about who is, and who is not, above the law, I suggest that my good friend — and we have worked together on a number of things, some of them criminal justice issues — the senator from Illinois, needs to clean up his own backyard rather than casting unfounded criticisms on states that are taking up a valuable effort to see that our immigration laws actually are enforced, to help end the lawlessness that has caused so much disruption in our country and upset the American people,” Sessions said.

“Cook County has decided that it gets to decide who gets deported from the country and when, and acting in this way directly undermines federal law enforcement,” Sessions said, noting his horror at the fact that Napolitano told the Senate Judiciary Committee last week that she has not looked into the Cook County immigration policies.

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