Except the Constitution begs to differ. The Constitution demands the Republicans stop suing Obama, and instead start using their Constitutional authority to stop Obama.

For example, the Speaker of the House, a Republican, controls the power of the purse and could defund all Obama lawlessness. The Senate Majority Leader, soon to be a Republican, could refuse to confirm any Obama Regime nominees outside of vital national security positions. The Congress, with its most Republicans since before the Great Depression, could pursue impeachment. State governors and legislatures, a majority of them Republicans, could refuse to provide state services such as driver’s licenses, thus denying the infrastructure to implement Obama’s illegal alien invasion.

But that would require honoring their oaths of office. And we all know their Svengali consultants, not to mention the low-rated mainstream media entities they’re more afraid of offending than the God they swore their oaths of office to, won’t abide that.

So the end of American Exceptionalism it is then.

At this point Obama might as well announce he’s going to bypass the Constitution again by running for a third term. All the Republicans will do is file a lawsuit that won’t be decided by the time Obama’s fourth term comes to an end. Heck, maybe John Boehner will again tell Obama “do what you got to do.”

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