Once you wade through the political rhetoric, the media cover-up and the overall ugliness surrounding the Kermit Gosnell trial, there’s an important message to take away: The abortion debate is transparently becoming less and less about when life begins, and instead about two groups of people separated by an increasingly large ideological gap.

How else do you explain the thousands of people killing their children on a mere “in or out” technicality?

No, as you peel the layers of obfuscation from the atrocity that is the modern abortion holocaust, you will find a battle between two groups of people with very, very different values. Those people are either Lifeists or Abortionists.

(Sidenote: Kermit Gosnell is an evil murderer, the kind of guy who has Satan personally praying for the man’s salvation just so that he can deny him entry. Is a fetus a human being? Certainly much more so than Gosnell. On with the column.)

Terms like “pro-choice” sound benign. Leftists designed them that way. Who could possibly be against choice?  Whether it’s “reproductive rights” or pizza toppings, “choice” sounds like a really good thing. But for this term to hold any real meaning, one would have to assume first that its adversaries are anti-choice, and that “choice” has anything to do with legitimizing murder.

Lifeists believe in choices as well. The choice to abstain from sex, the choice to engage in protected sex, or even the choices made to correct past mistakes, like giving a child up for adoption, or taking responsibilities for one’s actions (be that through becoming a loving mother or active father).

No, Abortionists aren’t “pro-choice.” They simply allow the ideal of comfortable choice — of convenient choice — to trump the value of life.

Whereas Lifeists are against abortion because they believe that the preservation of innocent human life is the greatest value there is, Abortionists allow it to be superseded by their ultimate ideal … that of personal happiness.

When women went to Gosnell — a glorified hitman — with developed babies in their womb, there was no question as to “where life begins.”  When Gosnell encountered technical difficulty in aborting such large babies, there was no question as to “where life begins.”  When the survived babies were left cold and wailing, as their shrieks were heard across the hospital, you can certainly bet that nobody questioned for a second as to “where life begins.”

No. Everyone involved knew that they were ending a life. They ended a life that was not their own, because that life would have gotten into the way of their own personal happiness. The ideal of happiness trumped the ideal of human life, and so they performed a horrific procedure.  These people are Abortionists.

People often think of “Idolatry” as an Old Testament act, requiring one to bow down to a Golden calf or Ram’s head. The people involved with today’s abortion holocaust are still doing it.  They’re idolizing themselves.

Abortion is merely a sacrifice, at the altar of self.

But hey, whatever makes you happy.

The “choice” to kill and throw away an unwanted child is no more a legitimate “choice” than mine to kick a helpless puppy in the throat, simply because I can.

Nearly every action we take in life is a “choice,” and whether we like it or not, all of those “choices” are based on judgment.  Judgment, a word reviled by Abortionists and Leftists alike. It just sounds so … judgmental?

How about instead of placing emphasis on one’s “choice” we start placing emphasis on the judgment needed to make the proper choices?  There’s a novel idea!

How about we ditch today’s societal mantra of “do what makes you happy.”  Do what makes you happy?  How about doing what’s right?


RIP to all of the babies, who were merely victims of “choice.”