The sheer number of donors, over 23,000 at this point, is a very high number for crowdfunding projects.
Check it out:

A major announcement today from the ‘Gosnell Movie‘ Indiegogo campaign that the crowdfunding goal has been exceeded and the film about the abortion ‘hours of horrors’ in Philadelphia will be produced. If you recall, the team behind other such groundbreaking documentaries, including FRACKNATION, was apparently censored from the crowdfunding site Kickstarter when they first set out to raise money for this worthwhile project. With that controversy long gone, the crew can now get to work telling the story of convicted murderer Dr. Kermit Gosnell and try to bring some remembrance and spotlight to his many victims.

LifeNews reports the exciting news:

They did it. The producers of the Gosnell movie have raised the $2.1 million they needed to make the Hollywood-style film that will tell the story of the gruesome abortion practitioner.

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