I am prepared to be called a racist and catch hell over my latest article.

Bring it on.  There is TRUTH here and I am not afraid to speak it,  regardless of the consequences.


Unfortunately she, and so many voters in this country like her, do not have the mental capacity to comprehend the fact that she is a SLAVE AT THE HANDS OF OBAMA.

I find it unconscionable that so many people who call themselves “Americans” would choose to be slaves to the government. It is a testimony to the laziness and ignorance that is now rampant in this country.
Folks, THESE are the people who are destroying this country. They are willing victims of a system that oppresses them to an existence just above the uncivilized animals that rove the earth.

It is interesting to note that the man and the party they align themselves with is responsible for leading them down this path of enslavement.

What is so frightening is the fact that these people have voting rights and they are reproducing, creating a cycle of slaves, who learn from their behavior. (When I use the phrase “these people” I am speaking of black and white people who choose to be slaves of the system.)


We gave them freedom from slavery. We gave them the same access to the same education system that all Americans use. We gave them affirmative action so they would have the advantage on college scholarships and jobs at our own expense. We have afforded them every opportunity to succeed and be active positive contributors to society.

What is the result of all of this “giving” of opportunity?

I am of the belief that all people in this country should have the opportunity to succeed, but to do so, they must put forth the effort. When you hand people everything they need on a silver platter, you are not helping them, but instead, you cripple them. I love the old saying about feeding the starving man. You don’t give him fish. You hand him a pole and teach him how to fish.

What we have done in America is hand these people the fish rather than teach them how to survive on their own and demand that they do so. Sink or swim.

No one ever promised me success. I never grew up expecting anyone to hand me anything. I know every single day of my life that I must work to survive and do my part to make a positive contribution to my country.

Where is personal pride? I understand that sometimes people are down on their luck and may have to depend on the government briefly until they are back on their feet. I also understand that some people are disabled and must depend on the government. I am not talking about either of those groups. I am talking about Americans who are able but not willing to work and make their own way. I am talking about people who live off the system and are content to do so.

My fellow Americans, this woman, and the millions like her, black and white, male and female … they are the reason America is sinking into a socialist nation. They are the reason we are losing the world perception of American Exceptionalism. There is nothing exceptional about a nation of people who are lazy, ignorant, slaves and losers.

The question is, what do we do about this? As I write this, the only solution I can arrive at is reaching them at an early age. Doing what we can to break the cycle, to show them that there is more to life than the slave existence of their mothers and fathers… that getting an education is the key to rising above the level of their family and making a new and better life for themselves. Can it be done? I am not sure, but this I do know: America can not survive if we continue to make the same mistakes and do not change our method of addressing this issue. Obama and the democrats bring more enslavement.