The United States’ federal government has been on the receiving end of a fair amount of conspiracy theories over the years, but this latest worry is no joke.


Is it possible that the American military is planning to take over the nation by 2030?

Between the tenets of martial law, and the globalist agenda being peddled by the progressive left over the course of the last 8 years, it seems nearly certain at times that the American citizen was well on their way to losing their sovereignty.  Now, a new threat has emerged, and few are reporting on it.

“According to ‘Megacities: Urban Future, the Emerging Complexity,’ a Pentagon training video created by the Army for U.S. Special Operations Command, the U.S. military plans to use armed forces to solve future domestic political and social problems.

What they’re really talking about is martial law, packaged as a well-meaning and overriding concern for the nation’s security.

“The chilling five-minute training video, obtained by The Intercept through a FOIA request and made available online, paints an ominous picture of the future—a future the military is preparing for—bedeviled by ‘criminal networks,’ ‘substandard infrastructure,’ ‘religious and ethnic tensions,’ ‘impoverishment, slums,’ ‘open landfills, over-burdened sewers,’ a ‘growing mass of unemployed,’ and an urban landscape in which the prosperous economic elite must be protected from the impoverishment of the have nots.

“And then comes the kicker.

“Three-and-a-half minutes into the Pentagon’s dystopian vision of ‘a world of Robert Kaplan-esque urban hellscapes — brutal and anarchic supercities filled with gangs of youth-gone-wild, a restive underclass, criminal syndicates, and bands of malicious hackers,’ the ominous voice of the narrator speaks of a need to ‘drain the swamps.’”

Could this possibly be the outright plan of those within our government to, once and for all, relegate the American people to a strenuous place under their thumb?  Only time will tell.

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