Who looked at this study and said, “Oh, this is a great idea, I approve spending American taxpayer dollars on Mexican male sex workers?”
Check it out:

We continue to hear the federal government needs to tax more and the rich need to pay more. But the Treasury Department’s most recent monthly receipts data show that in the first five months of Fiscal Year 2014, federal tax revenues have hit a record high at close to $1.1 trillion — yet America is still running a $377 billion deficit for the same period. Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn will soon be retiring and I suppose so will his annual “Government Wastebook” highlighting the horrific instances of wasteful government spending. Therefore I am happy to take up the mantle of presenting another example of wasteful government spending.

Eric Scheiner at CNSNews.com reports that “The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is spending $398,213 on a project studying whether paying male Mexican sex workers for being free of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) will increase condom use. The study, “Conditional Economic Incentives to Reduce HIV Risks: A Pilot in Mexico,” began in June 2011 and is funded through the end of May 2014.”

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