As Americans watch the latest scandal engulf our nation in the form of an Ebola outbreak, I can’t help but wonder if the public realizes just how conditioned our subconscious has been to accept whatever it may bring; i.e. martial law and quarantines. Not only have we been mentally conditioned through mass media and mock pandemic scares, our government has actually taken the necessary precautions through the Affordable Care Act to be prepared for such an event through the creation of an unconstitutional entity known as the Ready Reserve Corps. After all, Obama did say in 2008 that he sought the creation of a civilian security force more powerful and better funded than the U.S. military. Perhaps these kids praising Obama in military formation are the foundation of Obamas aspirations. Either way, the fact that people were not alarmed by Obama’s goal of controlling his own Army is disturbing in and of itself, but I digress.

Is it possible that the swine flu scare in 2009 was an exercise in mass vaccinations? Was it just an experiment to see how easily the public could be swayed into lining up across the country to get shots? You certainly have to consider the possibility as there appears to be a vaccine in the works for the current ebola crisis. While conspiracy theories abound concerning the Ebola vaccine, the truth is that the swine flu vaccine contained ingredients many believe to be responsible for the Gulf War Syndrome. Is it possible that the ebola vaccine will be used as the means of implanting the infamous “microchip” into our bodies, like many suggest? I would argue that it is a distinct possibility seeing as though there are absolutely no correct protocols being followed concerning Ebola in America. Its almost as if Obama wants the virus to spread.

The thought of forced vaccinations just wouldn’t be disturbing enough without another conspiracy theory to back it up, namely the one about the Ready Reserve Corps. In  2008, as mentioned above, Obama voiced his goals of establishing his own private Army. Well, while many useful idiots were having the blinders pulled over their eyes over the thought of free health care, the ACA did a lot more than just ruin the nations health system, it provided the executive branch the authority to create this Army. Is it possible that kids are being recruited to serve Obama and Obama alone? Throughout Obamas first year in office there were several examples of young school children being forced to sing praises about Obama. Is it possible that these kids are the future of the Ready Reserve Corps? With all the news about white privilege and the constant fabrication of racial tensions, it is certain that if this is the case, these kids will be loyal to Obama and no one else. It is something to consider as we sit on the precipice of a possible pandemic.

We also have to consider the fact that The NDAA of 2012 allows for the indefinite detention of American Citizens whom the government declares to be “belligerent,” or enemy combatants. While many people scoffed at this because they had no fears of being declared an enemy combatant, an ebola outbreak puts a new spin on things. Simply being sick will be reason enough to indefinitely detain you.  Lets not forget that Obama, along with other presidents (don’t forget Rex 84, which actually laid the groundwork for prison camps in America) have signed numerous executive orders that allow for the implementation of martial law in the event of a national emergency.

Finally, we have to remember that Obama has been firing many high ranking military officials and replacing them with “YES MEN.” It was also reported that Obama was asking flag officers if they were willing to fire upon American citizens. With the way the country has been divided among political/ideological lines, there are those in our society that wouldn’t mind seeing those they see as “standing in the way of progress” being shot in the head.

While many of these events have taken place slowly over the past few years, and implemented gradually enough not to be noticed, I would argue that they are all related to the ebola crisis. Many of us whom the left like to refer to as conspiracy theorists have been arguing for years that the government has been preparing for a big crisis. The Ebola scare, whether real or manufactured, just may be the crisis the government has been waiting for.

In my educated opinion, and I am educated in the social sciences, these events all make sense because the global elite operate on the notion that you are not paying attention, or that you are too dumb to remember one thing to the next. They believe in Darwin’s evolution, and as such they believe you can all be herded like animals because you are not a being with a free will created by God, but just a cosmic accident whose existence has neither a positive or negative consequence on anything. From their position of moral relativism there is no absolute morality, and therefore they believe because they are the “elite” they are entitled to create one. As mentioned several times here at For Truth’s Sake, their goal is the creation of a one world socialist utopia, and because the ends justify the means, the death of millions non consequential beings means absolutely nothing to them. After all, to them we are just useless eaters.

Come on America, turn off the football and join the real game, the fight for our country. We need you.