When I was younger and in my childbearing years, it was my and my husband’s responsibility to take measures to prevent unwanted pregnancies. To begin with there was no sex before marriage, at least for us. For the first few years of marriage, we took appropriate measures, at our expense, to prevent my getting pregnant until we were ready to have kids.

We had been married for three and a half years before we decided to have kids. Tragically, my pregnancy ended with a miscarriage two days after our house was lit on fire by an arsonist. We were one of 10 locations in town hit that week by an arsonist that never was caught. We firmly believe that the person responsible for igniting our house is guilty of the murder of our unborn child.

Less than two years later, we were blessed with a daughter, who just turned 40 last October. Sixteen months after her, we had a second daughter. After that, we decided to not have any more kids and we took appropriate measures to prevent my getting pregnant, again, at our expense. For one pregnancy we sold our truck to pay the expenses since we had no insurance.

In those days, people were held responsible for their actions, not the government. We did not make much money and we struggled from paycheck to paycheck, but we knew our responsibilities and took the appropriate actions to manage those responsibilities.

Since that time, our nation has been influenced and changed for the worse, by liberals and socialists who have created a couple of generations of Americans who no longer take responsibility for their own lives and actions. They are taught from public school on to turn to the government for everything, especially the government handouts.

The public schools and organizations like Planned Parenthood are teaching children that sex before and outside of marriage is normal and acceptable and something that should be tried. In some public schools, Planned Parenthood provides free condoms and even teaches safe sex and how to use anal condoms for homosexual sex.

The moral fiber of our nation has been ripped apart to the point where few moral values still exist among many of the younger generation. Consequently, they now rely on the government to take care of their unwanted pregnancies. That’s why Obamacare forced every healthcare policy holder to pay for free abortions, day after pills and contraceptives.

Conservative Republicans agree, which is why they are trying to defund Planned Parenthood and have removed abortion coverage in their new GOP healthcare bill. As soon as word spread that abortions would no longer be covered, liberals came screaming in protest. They don’t want to make people responsible for their own actions.

To add to their rebellious uprising, the Congressional Business Office’s recent report on the GOP healthcare bill came out and said that the Republican replacement for Obamacare would result in thousands of children being born as the result of unwanted pregnancies. The way they report it, it seems they are placing the blame on Republicans for unwanted pregnancies and births instead of the two people who are really responsible.

Another ironic issue in this is that Planned Parenthood continues to claim that abortions are only a very small percentage of their business, yet when contacted about those other health issues, a number of Planned Parenthood centers said they only provide abortions and no other services.

Has anyone ever considered that if people were forced to take responsibility for their own actions, including unwanted pregnancies, that they may begin appropriate measures, as we did, to prevent pregnancies?

The solution is not government provided abortions and contraceptives, but a return to the Christian principles that made America great and held us accountable for our actions.