Lucifer: Here’s the deal: We are going to destroy this country.
We will start with filling all the cabinet posts with our hand-
picked degenerates so there will be no recourse for anyone’s
complaints.  The buck won’t stop anywhere.  We will staff the
Justice Department with the most slippery attorney that we can
find so there can be no “just” action to prevail against us.  And
with any action that may actually slip by, we will drag our feet
until they give up.

But, what about the Democratic party?  Won’t there be someone
there who will see through this?

They’re like the rest of the proletariat: useful idiots; they’ll
go along with anything.  We’ll couch the rhetoric is such terms
that they will think they are really helping.  Give them enough
weak power so they think they’re important.

Well, then, you’re forgetting the military.  They are a force to
reckon with.

That’s simple also.  We will draw it down to a non-working force;
spread it so thin that it will be a deterent to no one.  And at
the same time we’ll start the systematic removal of all the top
officers who lean toward Christianity.  Fill those posts with
anti-Christians, homosexuals and lesbians.  Force any military
personnel with Christian leanings to either go underground or
quit.  Court martial the rest who try to resist our new UCMJ
guidelines.  In fact, we can start the rewrite of that

That’s a big order, boss.  The standing military does have
outside friends and families to contend with.

You don’t get it yet.  Once we remove the “standing military” of
those with consciences – those who have hesitancy of shooting
their own, the coast is clear – they’re in our pocket.  Their
friends and family on the outside will be lacking the same moral
compass as those remaining in uniform.

Got to hand it to you, boss – you’re even more evil than I
thought.  But this is going to take time – even replacing the top
military with unscrupulous leaders will be a fight.

You still don’t see the whole picture:  Sure, this takes time –
but we have eight years and we’re not going to stand around.
We’ll attack on every level to keep them guessing and so involved
that they won’t know which way to turn.  Sure, they’ll attempt to
sue us at every turn, but my justice department will turn a blind
eye to all of it.  They can’t turn to the Congress; I control
that, too.  In the meantime, we’ll set up preposterous schemes to
spend $trillions of the people’s money on fantastic sounding
ideas, but known only to us, a total waste of money and only
meant to steal them blind.  How does that sound to you?  Are you
understanding yet?  Oh, lest I forget this cool operation: we’ll
actually disenfranchise voters so they can’t respond with any
legitimate elections.  There are innumerable ways we can do that
and I’ve already got my boys active – remember my big city days?

Won’t there be veterans out there who begin to take up arms?  I
mean, there are some pretty testy folks out there.  You know, gun
sales are going viral across the country; these guys are serious.

Ah, my friend, not to worry.  I’ve got cadre in every state
working to disable this tactic.  And with the military degraded
to those who will kill anyone at my direction, the big hurdle is
out of the way.  I’m diverting $billions to police departments
all over the country – with them thinking I’m really helping them
out – but buying them off.  They are beholden to me now.  And I’m
working on setting up a fake city so they can practice killing
their own.

You must be forgetting something.  When are you going to start
this grand scheme?

It’s in motion, my friend.  Look around you.